Company details

  • What does the company operate as.

  • What is the location of the company.

  • Risk improvements

Building construction?

  • Construction details.

  • Floor Details

  • Roof Construction details.

  • Site exposures.

  • Occupancy Hazards.

  • Materials of Construction.

  • Control of Hazards

  • Exposures.

  • Risk improvements

  • Risk improvements

  • Risk improvements

Site operations, staff etc.

  • What are site operations.

  • What are staff numbers and detail breakdown of levels.

  • What are operating hours and details of any shutdown periods.

  • Risk improvements

Management Systems

  • Electrical testing with certificates?

  • Programme of machinery maintenance?

  • housekeeping

  • Contractor controls and permits to work

  • Fire risk assessment

  • Risk improvements

  • Risk improvements

Fire detection

  • Fire detection system fitted.

  • Sprinkler system fitted.

  • Fire brigade location and response?

  • FWS available

  • FEA provision

  • Risk improvements


  • Intruder Alarm and system.

  • Door locks and other security measures.

  • Cash handling, safe and amounts.

  • Risk improvements

Special perils and Malicious Damage.

  • Type of peril noted

  • Type of peril noted

  • Type of peril noted

  • Type of peril noted

  • Flood risks

  • Windstorm risk.

  • Risk improvements

Loss history

  • Have there been any losses or claims noted?


  • Mains Gas

  • Mains ELectricity Lv

  • Mains ELectricity HV

  • LPG Tanks.

  • Mains Water.

  • Transformer units.

  • Risk improvements

Business Interuption

  • Business Interruption details.

Health and Safety Organisation.

  • Is there a formal Health and Safety organisation?

  • Have there been accidents reported - provide details.

  • Are any Occupational Health arrangements in place.

  • Risk improvements

  • Risk improvements

Primary Hazards and Exposures.

  • Materials and Manual Handling.

  • Cut and Burn Hazards.

  • Slips Trips and Falls.

  • Machinery, Plant and Equipment Safety.

  • Vehicle Management.

  • Maintenance and Process Safety ( heights,isolation, confined spaces)

  • Gradually Developing Disease.

  • Emergency Planning.

  • Risk improvements

  • Risk improvements

  • Risk improvements

Product Liability.

  • Property and Corporeal Liability

  • Design.

  • Manufacturing.

  • QA Management and Accreditations.

  • Packing and Instructions, User and Maintenance manuals.

  • Terms and Conditions.

  • Traceability and recall.

  • Recourse against suppliers.

  • Supply to USA?

  • Risk improvements

  • Risk improvements

Public and Pollution Liability.

  • Site specific - fencing etc.

  • Control of visitors and Contractors.

  • Maintenance of Public areas.

  • Neighbouring Exposures deemed sensitive.

  • Work Away.

  • Tresspass.

  • Potential for sudden and unintentional pollution.

  • Risk improvements

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