• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Maintenance Inspection Information

  • Maintenance Inspection Date

  • Engineering Manager

  • Energy Coordinator

  • Facilities Manager

  • HVAC Contracter



  • Chillers Owned

  • Chillers Inspected

Cooling Tower(s)

  • Cooling Towers Owned

  • Cooling Towers Inspected


  • Chilled Water Pumps Owned

  • Chilled Water Pumps Inspected

  • Condeser Water Pumps Owned

  • Condenser Water Pumps Inspected

HVAC Equipment Inspected on this Maintenance Visit

  • Rooftop Units Owned

  • Rooftop Units Inspected

  • Make-Up Units Owned

  • Make-Up Units Inspected

  • A/C Split Systems Owned

  • A/C Split Systems Inspected

  • Evaporative Coolers Owned

  • Evaporative Coolers Inspected

  • Exhaust Fans Owned

  • Exhaust Fans Inspected

  • Radiant Heaters Owned

  • Radiant Heaters Inspected

  • Unit Heaters Owned

  • Unit Heaters Inspected

  • Other Equipment Inspected (quantify/note type)

Cooling Tower Systems

  • Maintenance records exist

  • Efficiency assessment performed in past 36 months

  • To assure proper water quality and corrosion control, a quality water treatment program must include:

  • pH control

  • Conductivity or TDS

  • Corrosion and scale controls

  • Hardness

  • Biocides control

  • Cycles

Rooftop Units/Make-Up Air Units/Split Systems

  • Replaced Filter(s) as per Agreement

  • Inspect/Test Equipment Electrical Disconnect(s)

  • Visual Inspection of Equipment Housing for Damage

  • Visual Inspection of Burner Section(s)

  • Visual Inspection of Heat Exchanger(s)

  • Visual Inspection of Condenser Coil(s)<br>(comment on damage/cleanliness)

  • Check Compressor(s) and Component(s)

  • Check Condenser Fans and Blades

  • Check Voltage and Amperage Draws on Motors

  • Inspect Economizer Section Operation/Settings

  • Check Controls/Thermostat Operation

  • Check/Adjust Belts/Pulleys

  • Lubricate Motors/Bearings

  • Check Drain Pans and P-Traps

  • Inspect Gas Line Piping to Unit<br>(Comment on Pipe Painting/Supports)

Exhaust Fans

  • Visual Inspection of Exhaust Fan Housing

  • Inspect Exhaust Fan Electrical Disconnect(s)

  • Check and Adjust/Replace Exhaust Fan Belts/Pulleys

  • Inspect/Check Exhaust Fan Drive Shafts

  • Inspect/Check Exhaust Fan Motors (Amperage/Voltage)

  • Lubricate Exhaust Fan Motors/Bearings

Radiant Heaters/Unit Heaters

  • Check Radiant/Unit Heater Supports & Housing

  • Visual Inspection of Radiant/Unit Heater Burner(s)

  • Visual Inspection of Heat Exchanger (Comment on Condition)

  • Visual Inspection of Radiant Heater Tubing

  • Check/Inspect Venting and Air Intakes

  • Check/Inspect Gas Lines and Valves

  • Test/Check Unit/Radiant Heater Thermostat(s)

  • Preventative Maintenance Comments/Recommendations

  • I have acknowledged that the work as outlined herein have been preformed and are satisfactory. It is agreed that Fiscom Air Systems Inc. will retain title of any equipment and/or materials that have been furnished during the maintenance visit until final payment has been made. If payment is not made as stated herein, Fiscom Air Systems Inc. shall have the right to remove same and will not be held responsible for any loss/damage resulting form the removal thereof.

  • Authorized Signature:

  • Maintenance Inspection Report emailed to:


  • H.S.T. (#867536120R)


  • PAYMENT TERMS: Net 30 days. Two Percent (2%) interest per month charged on overdue accounts. Any dispute regarding this work or invoice must be made within ten (10) days from the invoice date, in writing.

  • Are calibrations performed.

  • Are calibrations performed?

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