Information, Quality System and Contract Review


  • This form is to be used for conducting an arrival survey of aircraft returning from contracted base maintenance as part of the CAMO continued operations plan for remote working in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.


  • Conduct an external walkround inspection

  • 1.1 No unrecorded damage?
    Pay special attention for damage at jacking points and area's that are at risk of damage depending on base workscope

  • 1.2 Dart dots applied for any new damage recorded during input?
    Check tech log damage chart for new damage.

  • 1.3 All panels that may have been disturbed during the base input are secure?
    As visible from a walkround inspection.


  • Conduct a walkthrough inspection of the cabin

  • 2.1 Cabin condition is acceptable?
    Pay particular attention to area's disturbed during the maintenance input.

  • 2.2 New placards in place as required?
    Pay particular attention to mandatory weight placards, SEP and toilets no smoking.

  • 2.3 Safety equipment disturbed is present and correct?


  • Review technical and cabin logs

  • 3.1 Base CRS has been inserted in the back of the tech log?

  • 3.2 All required tasks have been correctly certified in the tech log?

  • 3.3 All required tasks have been correctly certified in the cabin log?

  • 3.4 Any repeat inspections have been correctly reassessed?

  • 3.5 Any ADD's raised have been correctly entered as per MEL?

  • 3.6 Technical and cabin logs are complete?
    Including ramp sheets, damage charts and any documents that may have been removed during the input.

Completion Signoff

  • Completion signoff.

  • All defects have been recorded in the tech log and deferred or handed over to production

  • Maintrol and EOCC have been advised of open defects

  • Copy of completed report saved in the base rep records for the input

  • Revision closed for the arrival survey if applicable

  • Sign the station inspection as complete

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