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Email address

Divisions of / associated companies

Contractors to (current clients)

Class of work undertaken by current clients

Work for which BA approval is sought


Board of management


Managing Director

Other directors/executive vice president

Organisation structure (if available)

Approval status

Current approvals

Approval numbers

Are terms of approval appropriate for BA's proposed scope of work?

Quality staff

Quality Manager


Reports to

Assistant Quality Manager (if appropriate)


Total QA staff

Production staff

Total number of production staff

Total C stamp holders

Total Licensed Aircraft Engineers

Total number of contracted staff employed by the contractor (if applicable)

Does the contractor have sufficient number of qualified staff in order to meet the demands that will be placed upon it?

Does the contractor have a management system to ensure that all required maintenance is carries out under the control of an accountable manager whose experience and qualifications are acceptable to the UK CAA and British Airways?

Audit checklist

Base Maintenance contractor audit (process and physical audit)

1. Facilities (EASA 145.A25) / Production Planning (EASA 145.A.47 a)

1.1 Facilities available and large enough for planned scope of work

1.2 Specialized workshops and bays segregated as appropriate

1.3 Office accommodation available for tech records, planning and tech publications

1.4 For work carried out in the open, protective cover for adverse weather conditions and adequate lighting should be provided

1.5 Temperature, noise and lighting in hangar facilities

1.6 Dust and contamination (sealed floors to minimise dust and provide non-slip surface even when unavoidably wet)

1.7 Total separation of nickel cadmium battery charging from lead acid battery charging including the equipment used

1.8 Work on hydraulic components must only be undertaken in accordance which prevents contamination by dirt or incompatible fluids

1.9 Each workshop provided with all necessary equipment and technical publications appropriate to the tasks performed in that workshop

1.10 Bonded stores of adequate size to scope of work

1.11 Aircraft docking and servicing stands available for access to all parts of aircraft

2. Personnel (EASA 145.A.30) / *Production Planning (EASA 145.A.47 a and b)

2.1 Management responsibilities defined & understood

2.2 Staff responsibilities defined & understood

2.3 Sufficient staff to manage tasks at all levels/man hour plans

2.4 Qualification & Experience of staff appropriate to job functions

2.5 Control of competence of personnel, including human factors*

2.6 Awareness of spares classed as Restricted Articles / Dangerous Goods

2.7 Awareness of EWIS and CDCCL

2.6 Awareness of spares classed as Restricted Articles / Dangerous Goods

3. Certifying Staff (EASA 145.A.35)

3.1 Certifying staff have adequate understanding of their certification privileges

3.2 Certifying and support staff have 6 months in a two year period actual maintenance experience of the product

3.3 Does the contractor have a Continuation Training programme including human factors training?

3.4 Certification authorisation scope and limitations clearly defined

3.5 The organisation maintains a record of all certifying and support staff

4. Equipment, Tools and Material (EASA 145.A.40) / Production Planning (EASA 145.A.47 a)

4.1 Demonstrate that sufficient & available tools/equipment are held or can be obtained in a reasonable period of time to perform all base maintenance tasks

4.2 Tool and equipment control

4.3 Tool and equipment calibration including test equipment (interval, records etc.)

4.4 Personal tool control

4.5 Procedure for use of alternative tooling

5. Components (EASA 145.A.42)

5.1 Component identification, batch control and traceability back to approved sources

5.2 Shelf life control

5.3 Handling/Protection/Packaging of components (including ESD)

5.4 Availability and control of raw materials for scope of work

5.5 Goods in receipting process

5.6 Stores inspection process including quarantine

5.7 Segregation of Serviceable and U/S parts

5.8 Identification and storage of Dangerous Goods/Restricted Articles

5.9 Scrapping process

5.10 Component storage conditions

6. Maintenance Data (EASA 145.A.45) / *Production Planning (EASA 145.A.47 a)

6.1 Availability of applicable current maintenance data including maintenance schedules, maintenance manuals, service bulletins, mandatory inspections/modifications, ADs.

6.2 Control of Maintenance Data (up to date and regularly reviewed)

6.3 Process for transcribing maintenance data into production task cards including evaluation of manufacturer's service information

6.4 Trace of Approved Data to source (Doc Control).

6.5 Sample processes used by contractor to comply with BA Engineering standards

7. Certification of Maintenance (EASA 145.A.50) / *Production Planning ( EASA 145.A.47 e)

7.1 Interview C stamp holder

7.2 All require scheduled maintenance, mandatory inspections, modifications, significant manufacturers recommendations and defect rectification are carried out

7.3 Any incomplete maintenance work identified

7.4 CRS - Form 1, C of C etc completed correctly

7.5 Shift work handovers*

7.6 Inspection stamp legibility

7.7 Defects control (Aircraft D3 ADDs and D7 notifications)

7.8 Duplicate Inspections

7.9 Pre input reviews

7.10 Post input reviews

8. Maintenance Records (EASA 145.A.55)

8.1 All work recorded in a complete and up-to-date manner (tech log, work sheets etc.)

8.2 Copy of CRS included

8.3 Records complete, including sub contractors release documents

8.4 Storage of records

8.5 Records Retention period

9. Occurrence Reporting (EASA 145.A.60)

9.1 Ensure contractor's mandatory occurrence procedure complies with 376/2014 and 2015/1018

9.2 Sample occurrence reports raised by contractor

9.3 Does sampled production staff know how and when to raise an occurrence report?

10. Maintenance Procedures (EASA 145.A.65)

10.1 Review contractor's audit programme (including audits of aircraft undergoing maintenance)

10.2 Quality staff's duties are clearly defined

10.3 Register of all Quality staff held by contractor detailing experience and training

10.4 All audits are recorded and any findings raised to heads of departments for corrective action to be taken

10.5 All findings have a feedback process for Quality staff to confirm corrective action has been taken

10.6 Approval, control and monitoring of Sub-Contracted maintenance providers

12. MOE (EASA 145.A.70)

12.1 Facilities accurately described

12.2 Scope of work accurately described

Auditor's Sign off

List of auditors


Staff Number

Lead auditor's sign off


I hereby confirm that the contractor has been sampled for compliance to the requirements of British Airways, EASA Part M and EASA Part 145.

All applicable non-conformances identified have been raised and distributed to PART 145 or PART M departmental management (as applicable).

Print and sign
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.