Visual Inspection

Overall condition/appearance of equipment (controls, leaks, loose wires)

Fan belt tension and condition

Fuel filter or sediment bowl

Lubricating oil level and viscosity

Coolant level and anti-freeze mixture

Air filter

Battery electrolyte level and specific gravity and load test

Battery charging rate (trickle charger).

Operating Inspection

Day tank pump and level switches if so equipped

Operation of cooling thermostat or louvers

Battery charging

Alternator and regulator

Other Services

Inspect of cooling system for leaks (pressure test), residue and operation. Check engine block heater.

Inspect and clean generator brush holders and brushes

Clean and inspect exciter

Inspect safety shutdown devices. This includes simulated faults on low oil pressure cut-off, high water temperature cut-off, over speed cut-off and failed start.

Inspect and clean engine/generator set control

Run generator set (under load) to check voltage, check frequency, check instrument system and make adjustments.

Clean and tighten electrical connections, clean crankcase breather, check and tighten mounting bolts and wipe unit clean


Recommendations and Overall Condition Assessment

Engineer/Operator Full Name and Signature