Apply diluted cleaning solution on the scrubber and scrub tiles to remove dirt, hair, and stains.

Make sure to clean the areas in between tiles.

Recheck all tiles to ensure no dirty streaks are left on the tiles.

Wet sponge with hot water and wipe tiles to remove excess cleaning solution.

Wipe all surfaces with a dry cloth.


Use a damp sponge with water only to wipe the entire area of the mirror. (Do not use glass cleaner as it may leave streaks)

Dry and polish the mirror with a dry cloth.

Check for smudges and re-wipe.

From a distance check the mirror for stains and marks and leave the mirror spotlessly clean.

Are all glass surfaces clean and shiny?


Spray a small amount of cleaning solution on the drain.

Scrub the surface area of the drain.

Rinse with clean water.

Mop the drain cover and wipe with dry cloth to remove traces of water from the drain cover.

Drain holes and make sure there are no signs of dirt building or moping.

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