Date and Time:

Material properly stacked and all trash disposed of:

Site clean, free of debris and trip hazards:

Date of corrective action:

Fuels in approved containers for flammable liquids and properly labeled:

Cylinders up right, and secured with caps in place:

Temporary fuel tanks protected with proper signage and fire protection:

Date of corrective action:

Verify fire extinguishers has been inspected (Monthly):

Adequate fire extinguishers:

Verified fire extinguishers fully charged:

Proper signage (e.g. Flammable, no smoking etc.):

Date of corrective action:

Power tools properly guarded:

All cords in proper operating condition:

Safety glasses and hearing protection utilized when required:

Date of corrective action:

Proper light level in all areas with no broken or burnt out bulbs:

Proper guarding on temporary lighting:

GFCI'S appropriately placed and tested; electrical panels protected:

Date of corrective action:

Scaffolding set on adequate base, level bearing and plumb:

Required bracing installed:

Scaffolds fully planked and in good condition

Guard rails and toe boards in place:

Mobile scaffolds locked (Minimum of 3 casters to be locked when in use) or rollers blocked

Area of access/egress protected:

Guardrail system in place on lifts:

Date of corrective action:

All ladders OSHA approved and in good condition:

Ladders secured, properly extended and stable and used away from fall hazards:

Temporary stairs pans filled:

Barricade and signage on stairways under construction:

Handrail systems in place:

Date of Corrective Action:

Floor openings guarded with a guard rail system or solid cover appropriately marked:

Window and door openings properly protected for fall hazards:

Date of Corrective Action:

Wire rope cabling installed on perimeter having no more than 2" deflection

Wire rope perimeter protection system flagged at no more than 6 feet intervals:

Wood guard rails installed with upright supports every 8 feet:

Top rails of system at 42",mid-rails at 21":

Personal fall arrest systems used properly as required:

Site specific fall protection plans for appropriate trades secured as needed:

Date of Corrective Action:

Area of trench protected and barricaded:

Sloped or shored as required:

Spoil piles back at least 2 feet from area:

Ladder access within 25 feet of working areas:

Date of Corrective Action:

Any and all exposed rebar capped:

Crane/steel erection paperwork secured as needed:

Verified equipment horn and back-up alarms on heavy equipment:

Proper PPE in use by all personnel:

Signs used to control public liability hazards:

First aid supplies available:

CO monitor used as needed:

Date of Corrective Action:

This form is intended solely for use as a preliminary safety inspection list. The list is not all inclusive and does not relieve the project superintendent from other safety directives such as OSHA, the Department of Labor and others.

Project Superintendent Signature:
Safety Director Signature:
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.