• Area

A.Reaction of People人员的反应

  • 1.Adjusting PPE调整个人防护装备

  • 2. Changing Position改变工作位置

  • 3. Rearranging Job重新安排工作

  • 4. Stopping Job停止工作

  • 5. Implementing safety systems 运用防护装备

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B.Positions of People 人员的位置

  • 6.Potential for striking against有被物体打击

  • 7.Trapped between 陷入物体之内,之上或之间

  • 8. Falling,slip or trip坠落,滑倒,绊倒,跌倒

  • 9. Contacting with electricity接触电流

  • 10.Inhaling dust /Fumes吸入有害物质

  • 11. Repetitive Motions重复的动作

  • 12. Postures/Lifting/Twisting姿势/举重/扭转

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C. Personal Protective Equipment 劳动防护用品

  • 13. Eyes and face眼部及脸

  • 14. Ears 耳部

  • 15. Head 头

  • 16. Hands and arms臂部和手

  • 17. Feet and legs腿部及脚

  • 18. Respiratory system 呼吸系统

  • 19. Appropriate clothing 适当的防护服

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D. High Risk Operations 高风险作业

  • 20. Electrical safety & LOTO

  • 21. Mobile equipment safety移动设备安全(Forklift&crane)叉车行车

  • 22.Chemical safety CMR化学品使用

  • 23. Wor at height高处作业

  • 24.Hot work动火作业

E. Tools and Equipment工具和设备

  • 25. Not Right for the job不适合此工作

  • 26. Used incorrectly 未正确使用

  • 27. In unsafe condition所使用的工具或设备状态不良

  • 28. Protection guards Not properly used防护装置无效或者被屏蔽,不使用

  • 29.Vibration & Noise震动&噪音

  • 30. Temperature 温度

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F. Procedures程序

  • 31. How to perform HSE5Steps如何执行HSe五步法

  • 32.Workshop have risk or not,need isolation or warning 工作站有无风险,是否警示和隔离

  • 33.Procedures inadequate for job程序不适合此工作

  • 34. Procedures not known / understood 程序不知道/不理解

  • 35. Procedures not followed 程序未被遵守

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Safe Acts

  • What safe acts were observed?

  • What actions were taken to encourage safe performance

Unsafe Acts

  • What unsafe acts were observed?

  • What corrective action was taken?

  • What action was taken to prevent further occurance?

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