• interior fittings in good working order

  • is good natural daylight available

  • suspended foyer lights operable and secure

  • all foyer wall lights operable and secure

  • all foyer ceiling lights operable and secure

  • all sheds ,plant rooms and workshops lighting operable

  • all auction hall lighting operable and secure

  • any internal lighting issues

  • canopy lighting operable with any failures

  • valet bay lighting operable

  • Chemical store lights and chains secure

  • Pump room lighting and chains secure

  • Valet bay 2 lighting failures

  • appraisals lighting operable

  • photo booths lighting operable

  • all yard and high level lighting operable with any failures


  • are all office emergency lights operable with a minimum 30 minute light up time

  • are all canopy emergency lighting operable with a minimum 30 minute light up time

  • are all valet bay emergency lights operable with minimum 30 minute light up time

  • are all appraisals bay emergency lights operable with minimum 30 minute light up time

  • are all doorway bulkhead lights operable with any failures

  • any other issues with emergency lighting


  • are all external doors secure in good condition

  • are all internal doors secure and in good condition

  • are all auction hall high speed doors operable and in good condition

  • are all auction hall roller shutter doors operable and in good condition

  • are all valet bay doors operable and in good condition

  • are all photo booth doors operable and in good condition

  • are there any outstanding door inspections and services

  • are all floor coverings secure

  • are all entry and walkways clearly marked and accessable

  • walkways adequate and clearly marked out

  • is all auction hall seating in good condition

  • are roadways marked with clear access

  • is access for emergency vehicles acceptable at time of inspection

  • are all stairs ,hand rails and risers in good condition

  • are all footpaths clear and in good condition

  • are all loading areas free from hazards where possible

  • are speed limits signs in place and adhered to

  • are all speed humps in good condition

  • are all tarmac surfaces in acceptable condition


  • is yard free from rubbish

  • is car park and entry clean and tidy

  • any areas in need of repair

  • is fence line in good condition and monthly fence checks carried out

  • condition of flagpoles

  • all surrounding trees secure with any potential hazards

  • any other comments


  • all office storage adequate and in good condition

  • any faulty desks and chairs

  • all screen based equipment in good condition and positioned correctly

  • air conditioning working correctly and fully serviced

  • all exit signs visable


  • is access possible for disabled persons with clear drop kerbs

  • are all disabled routes clear

  • do disabled toilet assistance alarms work correctly

  • are disabled toilets in good working order and upto recommended standards

  • is access around office areas clear with no obstructions


  • are all materials stored correctly

  • are all storage areas clean and tidy and free from obstructions

  • general condition of storage areas

  • all waste disposed of correctly

  • any bulky waste to dispose of

  • all hazardous waste and sharps bins disposed of correctly

  • are all coshh and risk assessements carried out on materials used

  • are risk assessements carried out for all projects

  • are safety data sheets available for all substances


  • is all plant machinery in good condition

  • are all safety guards in place

  • is there adequate workspace

  • are noise levels controlled

  • are all harnesses in good condition and under 5 years old

  • are all operators trained in correct use of all equipment with training recorded

  • do operators comply with training

  • are any gas bottles secure and stored correctly


  • are safety systems installed

  • safety systems checked and serviced

  • all portable appliances tagged and tested

  • any broken switches,plugs or sockets

  • any power leads across walkways

  • any frayed or damaged cables

  • any other comments


  • 110v transformer

  • belt sander

  • torch

  • hot glue gun

  • 240v extention lead

  • corded hammer drill

  • 110v extention lead

  • soldering iron

  • angle grinder

  • de walt drill 1

  • de walt drill 2

  • de walt impact drill

  • power detector

  • jigsaw

  • halogen heater


  • hazardous substance register upto date

  • safety data sheets available for all products

  • risk assessements carried out for all chemicals

  • all containers correctly labelled

  • unused units disposed of correctly

  • do any special storage requirements apply

  • is PPE available



  • are all tables and chairs in good condition

  • any loose picture frames

  • is lighting adequate and working correctly

  • are exit signs in place and clearly visable

  • are fire roll call sheets in place and upto date

  • are tv s secure and clean

  • is lift clean and in a servicable condiition

  • are all hot counter lights operational

  • are servery tiles intact and in an acceptable condition

  • is floor clean

  • are doors and kickplates clean and in good condition

  • is stair flooring secure and in good condition

  • is ventilation adequate and vents clean

  • are there any trip or slip hazards

  • are walls and under counters cleaned to a satisfactory condition

  • are staff areas and office in a clean and tidy condition

  • is all safety signage in place














  • Are both main incomer pumps operational and in good order

  • Any leaks

  • Are all pumps and pipework in plant room 1 good working order

  • Sufficient cladding?

  • Are all pumps and pipework in plant room 2 in good working order

  • Any leaks?

New valet bay

  • Is all kitchen equipment in a clean and serviceable condition

  • Is all plant machinery in a serviceable condition with any faults

  • Is heating system in good working condition

  • Are all hanging sockets in good condition

  • Are ambirad heaters fully operational

  • Are roller doors in good condition with no outstanding servicing required

  • Are all office /workshop doors in good condition

  • Are all fire exit doors in good condition and have clear access

  • Is all office equipment in good condition

  • Are toilets clean and tidy

  • Is staff changing room clean and tidy

  • Is all emergency lighting operable

  • Any lighting failures

  • Is all safety signage in place and clearly visable

  • Are photo booths in good working condition

  • Is photo booth flooring secure

  • Any tears or damage to photo booths

  • Is bsm ok showing no faults

  • Water pumps ok

  • Solar system ok

  • Are gas tanks secure and in good condition with all relevant signage displayed

  • Gas levels
    Tank 1
    Tank 2
    Tank 3

  • Any fault lights showing


  • Is stringo charged and ready for use

  • Any visible damage or faults

  • Are all rollers free to move

  • Any corrosion ?

  • Does bed extend as it should

  • Is Handle secure

  • Is stringo fit for use

De fib checks

  • Is case and contents in place and intact

  • Are all lights on battery ok and green

  • Has the equipment been used

  • Any inspections due

  • Are enough people trained for use . Have any trained staff left

Charge master car charger points

  • Are all secure

  • Are all operational

  • Any damage

  • Are all fit for use

Haversham House

  • Notes on any issues relating to Haversham House

Fire doors and fire exits ...check signage,seals and general condition

  • Foyer entrance doors

  • Foyer to canopy doors

  • Conference rooms entrance

  • Video conference room

  • Board room

  • Boardroom to video conference room

  • Office air lock 1

  • Conference kitchenette

  • Office air lock 2

  • Office kitchenette

  • Cash office

  • Rear office door

  • Rear internal door by transport

  • Transport office internal

  • Sales main door

  • Sales side office door

  • Upstairs corridor

  • Upstairs kitchen

  • Upstairs cleaners cupboard

  • Server room

  • Rh office

  • Sabrina’s office

  • Exec office

  • Andys office

  • Entry control

  • Transport external

  • Rear entrance door

  • Drivers room

  • Downstairs plant room

  • Sink room by key office

  • Key room

  • Woburn rear

  • Woburn store

  • Kempston rear

  • Kempston store

  • Kempston fire exit

  • Maintenance shed

  • Kitchen rear entrance

  • Kitchen corridor to office

  • Kitchen staff room internal

  • Kitchen to restaurant

  • Restaurant external 1

  • Restaurant external 2

  • Restaurant upstairs 1

  • Restaurant upstairs 2

  • Staff room external

  • Upstairs plant room

  • Yard store

  • Old valet entrance 1

  • Old valet entrance 2

  • Valet office

  • Valet kitchen

  • Valet boiler room

  • Valet changing room

  • Valet electrical room

  • Valet battery room

  • Apps bay 1

  • Apps bay 2

  • Apps bay 3

  • Apps bay 4

  • Apps bay 5

  • Apps bay 6

  • Chemical store wet wash

  • Pump room wet wash

  • New valet entrance 1

  • New Valet entrance 2

  • New valet fire escape 1

  • New valet fire exit 2

  • New valet plant room

  • New valet appraisals office

  • New valet kitchen

  • Anthony’s office

  • Gatehouse 1 door 1

  • Gatehouse 1 door 2

  • Gatehouse rear room

  • Gatehouse 2

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