OHS Observation Questions

  • 1.6 Is the company health & safety policy posted?
    (or made available in a handbook or copy of the safety manual?)
    Directive: Provide locations

  • 2.8 Once hazards have been identified does it appear that controls have been implemented in a timely manner?
    Directive: Provide 1 example of an implemented control

  • 3.1 Do the safe work practices found in the documentation accurately reflect company activities?
    Directive: List 4 SWP that were observed and documentd

  • 3.2 Have applicable required SWP been written?
    Directive: List 3 SWP's that are work activities which are high hazard.

  • 3.4 Are the SWP readily available?

  • 3.5 Are workers following the SWP's?
    Directive: Provide 2 examples observed onsite.

  • 4.2 Have critical SJP's been written to cover worker activities?

  • 4.4 Do workers follow SJP's?
    Directive: List 2 examples observed onsite.

  • 4.5 Do workers have access to copies of the SJP's?
    Directive: Indicated where SJP's are kept.

  • 5.2 Are company rules prominently posted?
    Directive: Provide location and/or state how they are made readily available to the worker.

  • 6.3 Do all workers have access to basic PPE?
    Directive: Indicate how basic PPE is available to all employees.

  • 6.4 Is specialized PPE available when and if required?
    Directive: Provide 1 example of how specialized PPS was observed to be accessible to workers on site.

  • 6.5 Are all employees using the correct PPE?
    Directive: Provide 1 example of correct PPE use onsite.

  • 7.6 Is a system to effectively remove defective tools, equipment or vehicles from service being followed?
    Directive: Describe what process was observed for removing defective equipment.

  • 9.10 Are inspection reports posted?
    Directive: State where inspection reports are posted or communicated to workers.

  • 11.1 Are emergency preparedness plan appropriate for the work being conducted?
    Directive: Review emergency assessments and provide 1 example of an appropriate emergency preparedness plan other than fire.

  • 11.5 Are fire extinguishers of the correct class available, marked and visible?
    Directive: Confirm correct class, size and location.

  • 11.6 Have fire extinguishers been inspected regularly?
    Directive: Who inspects and maintains extinguishers and when were they last inspected?

  • 11.7 Do workers have access to emergency communication devices?
    Directive: State what emergency communication systems are used.

  • 11.8 Are there adequate first aid supplied and facilities available on site?
    Directive: Provide the date of the most recent first aid assessment and verify that assessment requirements are met.

  • 11.9 Can you identify first aid personnel?
    Directive: State the number and level of first aid attendants that are required by the assessment for a worksite.

  • 11.10 Is there a way to transport an injured employee to a medical facility?
    Directive: Describe the mode of transportation used to bring an injured employee to a medical facility.

  • 13.1 Are copies of relevant legislation posted or made available to workers?

IM/RTW Observation Questions

  • 1.3 Is the IM/RTW POLICY posted or made available?
    Directive: State where the policy is posted or how it is made available to workers.

  • 3.2 Is the IM/RTW PROCESS posted or made available?
    Directive: State where the process is posted or how it is made available to workers.

  • 4.3 Is material promoting the IM/RTW Program posted or made available?
    Directive: State where the promotional is posted or how it is made available to workers.

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