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BCP Audit Checklist

  • Risk assessment been carried out to identify potential threats to business continuity.

  • All BCPs are updated and reflect changes in the business.

  • All BCP committee and employees are properly trained regarding their roles and responsibilities.

  • Emergency procedures are tested to see if they’re adequate to contain risks and prevent losses.

  • All emergency equipment are in good condition and are adequate to help restore and recover business functions.

  • There are adequate backup programs and systems in case of emergencies

  • Potential business losses have been quantified and presented to BCP committee and management.

  • Contact details of key personnel, alternates and BCP committee are all updated.

  • All relevant documentations are kept and updated.

  • Relevant staff know the emergency operations site.

  • BCPs are audited on a regular basis.

  • Recommendations from consultants and auditors are documented and implemented.

  • BCPs of the business are reviewed

  • Specify review period

  • Next schedule for BCP audit


  • Recommendation for BCP updates

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