Bed Bug Inspection Preventive Measures

Bed Bug Crucial Checkpoints

  • Caulk or seal cracks

  • Crevices near beds

  • Bed frames

  • Crevices along baseboards

  • Crevices around pipe chases

  • Crevices around heating and air-conditioning units

  • Holes and other damage in walls

  • Peeling wall paper or chipping paint

  • Chair-rail moldings

  • Loose tiles

  • Hardwood floors

  • Carpets

  • Storage issues

  • Clutter in common areas

  • Other areas that may provide hiding places for bed bugs

Bed Bug Action Plan

  • Does your bed bug action plan include a strategy for responding to reports or complaints?

  • Attach supporting evidence.

  • Respond sympathetically and avoid blame

  • Arrange for a professional inspection

  • Inspect all adjacent apartments (above, below, and on both sides) of the likely infested unit

  • Schedule an intervention for all apartments where bed bugs are found

  • Does your bed bug action plan include a strategy for containing and eliminating infestations?

  • Attach supporting evidence.

  • Educate staff on their role

  • Inspect all adjacent apartments above, below, and on both sides on a regular basis

  • Consider buying or encouraging tenants in adjacent units to buy bed bug resistant mattress covers

  • Encourage tenants in adjacent units to be aware and report signs or symptoms of bed bugs immediately

  • Seal and make repairs to infested and adjacent apartments

  • Does your bed bug action plan include a strategy for disposing infested furniture?

  • Attach supporting evidence.

  • Discourage them from throwing away belongings and/or furniture, OR explain to them how to do so properly

  • Does your bed bug action plan include a strategy for educating and advising tenants?

  • Attach supporting evidence.

  • Give them a bed bug factsheet

  • Explain how to prepare for the pest control company‚Äôs inspection

  • Educate tenants on how to prepare for treatment once infestation is confirmed

  • Does your bed bug action plan include a strategy for managing requests for relocation?

  • Attach supporting evidence.


  • Additional Observations

  • Inspector Name and Signature

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