General Work Environment

General Work Area

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  • Evacuation routes are posted and known

  • Safety equipment (eye washes, AED, First Aid, etc.)

  • Racking systems

  • Knife Use/Cut Exposure

  • Fall protection use (includes ladder, harnesses, etc.)

  • Works at safe pace, not rushed

  • Chemicals stored in designated area and labels visible and clear (includes flammables)

  • Aisles/clearances maintained

  • Equipment and other furnishings appropriate and maintained

  • General housekeeping

  • Hazards - Slip/trip/falls

  • Fire Protection

  • Electrical equipment condition (rust, panels closed, labels, no frayed wires, etc.)

  • Workers aware of how to obtain Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) as applicable

  • Workers aware of how to report a near miss or other incident

  • General Safety (signage, procedures, etc.)

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Please enter date of this inspection

  • Arm Protection

  • Face/Respirator Protection (Dust masks, respirator (half or full face), face shield, etc.)

  • Hand Protection

  • Hearing Protection

  • Eye Protection

  • Foot Protection

  • Head Protection

  • High Visibility Vest (Warehouse/Visitors)

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Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts, Golf Carts, etc.)

Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts, Golf Carts, etc.O

  • Please enter date of this inspection

  • 3 point mount/dismount

  • Attachment conditions

  • Horn in use as needed

  • Load deploy/Load engage

  • Load within rated capacity

  • Parking as appropriate

  • Traveling - Fork height appropriate

  • Traveling - Load secured

  • Appropriate speed

  • Awareness and driver free of distractions

  • Driver looks before moving

  • Driver using seat belt

  • Limbs kept inside of vehicle

  • Pre-flight inspections completed

  • Following distance appropriate

  • TAKE 5 conducted

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  • Select date

  • Movement - Lifting

  • Movement - Pushing/Pulling

  • Movement - Repetitive Motion

  • Movement - Bending

  • Movement - Posture

  • Movement - Reaching

  • Movement - Twisting

  • Lifts with Legs and not Back

  • List Assist for Heavy Loads (i.e. hoists, helper, etc.)

  • Throwing

  • Job/Task Rotation

  • Travel Distance

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Loading Dock

  • Please enter date of inspection

  • Dock Lights Operating Properly

  • Dock Leveler Operating Properly

  • Trailer Wheels Chocked/Hook Attached to Trailer

  • Trailer Aligned to Dock Door as appropriate

  • Dock Doors Opening Properly

  • Trailer Jack Stands in Place

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Environmental (Air, Water, Waste, Recycling)

  • Please enter date of this inspection

  • Debris/housekeeping outside buildings

  • Recycling use and/or waste generation

  • Spills/Leaks

  • Container Condition

  • Container Labeling

  • Outside Air Quality

  • Containers Compatible with Contents

  • Water Conservation in Use

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Machine Guarding

  • Select date

  • Barriers/Guards/Light Curtains

  • E-stops/Interlocks

  • Pinch Points

  • Belts/Chains/Pulleys/Rollers

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Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

  • Please enter date of this inspection

  • LOTO Procedures Posted or available near work station

  • LOTO Points Labeled

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  • Please enter date of this inpsection

  • Aware and free of distractions

  • Pedestrian/Lift Truck Interface

  • Stopping at Stop Signs

  • Looks before Entering Aisles & Check blind spots

  • Holds handrails when ascending or descending stairs

  • Walking in designated pedestrian pathways

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