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Site Visit Schedule

Before we go onsite...

  • Review issues with site liaison 1 week before visit.

  • Schedule visit with liason

  • Build task list and be sure to address

While Onsite...

  • Review issues with site representative.

  • Verify backup of all diagnostic and shop PCs

  • Verify all Onsite PCs are registered and current in lookout portal.

  • Verify Spare PCs are at appropriate levels for locations.

  • Organize server/networking room

  • Review and organize software in binders and PC packets<br><br>-Verify existence of current dealership part catalog installation disk<br>-Verify existence of disk for reinstallation of standard applications

  • Create Backup images of diagnostic machine as directed

  • Other items for visit:

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  • On a scale of 1-10 how awesome of a job did I do?

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