Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Vehicle Registration:


  • Vehicle Type

  • Date of Training:

  • Name of Trainer:

  • I have received the relevant familiarisation training on the above vehicle and I am now confident to operate the vehicle and all of it's controls safely

  • DATE:


  • Vehicle checks explained and understood

Safety Devices

  • All internal safety devices explained and understood

  • All external safety devices explained and understood


  • PTO location explained and understood

  • PTO correct use explained and understood

Lifting Equipment

  • Correct use of the lifting equipment controls explained and understood

  • Correct use of the lifting equipment explained and understood

Correct use of

  • Chains for securing skips explained and understood

  • Jack legs for vehicle stability explained and understood

  • Rear door mechanisms for containers / skips and vehicles


  • Walk through the skip park showing examples of skips and correct sizes

  • The sizes of all the skip / containers have been explained and understood

  • The condition of skips / containers for customers has been explained and understood


  • Please enter any familiarisation training instructions below

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