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Workers Compensation

  • Workers Compensation?

Modified RTW

  • Written policy in place?

  • Consistently accommodates MRTW in most or all cases?

  • Modified duty tasks are identified?

  • Written MRTW agreement with the employee?

  • Supervisory/oversight mechanism(s) in place for those on MRTW?

  • Medical provider is aware that the organization provides modified work for employees?

  • Duties are varied/changed every 2 weeks or less?

Designated Medical Provider

  • Organization has established a relationship with a medical provider?

  • Medical provider is an occupational medicine provider?

  • Established and consistent communication from medical provider to the organization?

  • All supervisors are aware of organizations medical provider, their location(s), hours, etc?

  • The organization attempts to limit use of the ER to true emergencies?

Post-Offer Functional Screen

  • Pre-employment physical through medical provider?

  • Post-offer functional screen through medical provider?

  • Written hiring policy in place specifies POFS after conditional job offer?

Drug Testing

  • Post-injury/accident testing?

  • Reasonable suspicion testing?

  • Random testing?

  • Pre-employment testing?

  • Written policy in place?

  • DOT compliant drug testing for those with CDL?

Job Descriptions

  • Written job descriptions present?

  • Job descriptions specify physical demands?

  • Reviewed annually?

  • Medical provider has copies on file for review?

Safety Committee

  • Safety committee in place?

  • Meets regularly, monthly, or quarterly?

  • Goals and mission statement?

  • Includes accident review process, possibly with involved employee?

  • Regular safety walk through/inspection of department?

Claim Reporting and Submission

  • Incident reporting policy in place?

  • Employee injury requires notification of employer within 24 hours or before end of shift?

  • Established claim contact within the organization?

  • Claims contact is utilizing in-sight to report claims?

  • Organization understands the importance of reporting, and reports "incident only" claims?

  • Average lag times are less than 5 days?

Accident Investigation

  • Supervisors trained in WC and accident investigation basics, refreshed annually?

  • Employee completes incident report?

  • Supervisor completes a supervisor's report?

  • Witness report used as applicable?

  • Organization claims contact is notified immediately/ASAP of incidents?

  • Paperwork is submitted to claims contact?

Safety Training

  • Required and best practices safety training is performed at required/recommended intervals?

  • Written training schedule includes topic, method, month/date?

  • Training records are kept for each employee?

  • Blood borne pathogens (for those with exposure)?

  • Lockout/Tagout (for those with exposure)?

  • Hazcom (for those with exposure)

  • PPE (for those with exposure)?

  • Confined space entry (for those with exposure)?

  • Trenching / shoring (for those with exposure)?

  • Ergonomics / spine safety / injury prevention?

Pre-Hire Integrity / Safety Testing

  • Utilization of MIS pre-hire integrity test, post-application, but pre-interview?

  • Utilization of TC SQ or DSG (depending on position) on candidates, pre-interview?

  • SQ / DSQ utilization for existing employees?

Written Safety Programs

  • Blood borne pathogens (for those with exposure)?

  • Hazcom (for those with exposure)?

  • Lockout / Tagout (for those with exposure)?

  • PPE (for those with exposure)?


  • Property?

Property Inspection

  • CBIZ inspection within last 3 years

  • CBIZ deficits addressed and remedied?

Consultant Safety Walkthrough

  • Performed every other year minimally?

  • Safety hazards (GL/WC) identified?

  • Safety hazards remedied by account in timely fashion?

Emergency Action Plan

  • Exists?

  • ServPro plan established, if applicable?

Employment Practice Policy

  • Employment Practice Policy?

Employment Practice Policy

  • Policies are reviewed and updated annually?

  • Policy review by OKGC or formal legal review within the last 2 years?


  • Sexual harassment annually?

  • General harassment?

  • Discrimination?

  • Supervisors: hiring and firing?

  • Supervisors performance evaluation training annually?

  • EEOC laws annually?

Performance Evaluations

  • Annual or more frequent performance reviews are in place?

  • Criteria based on job functions?

  • Performed evaluations are performed?


  • FOIA officer designated?

  • FOIA officer completed annual training via IAG website?

  • Backup FOIA officer designated?


  • All current elected and appointed officials have completed OMA training via the IAG website?

  • Newly elected / appointed officials are required to complete OMA training via the IAG website within 90 days after taking the oath of office or otherwise assuming responsibilities?

Critical Policies

  • Accident reporting?

  • Against concealed firearms?

  • Against violence in the workplace?

  • Anti-harassment and discrimination?

  • At will employment?

  • Attendance?

  • Conflict of interest?

  • Drug testing / drug-free workplace?

  • FMLA

  • Handbook acknowledgment exists?

  • Internet and email?

  • Modified return to work?

  • MVR checks?

  • Performance evaluation?

  • Progressive discipline and corrective action?

  • Reasonable accommodation?

  • Record retention?

  • Safety?

  • Social media?



  • Whistleblower policy?


  • Auto?

MVR Checks

  • Annual MVR check for all employees that drive on organization business?

  • Annual MVR check written policy in place?


  • Defensive driving training annually?

  • Winter driving safety annually?

  • Other job specific driving training (fire/police)?


  • Compliant with all DOT regulations required for CDL holders?

Fleet Maintenance

  • Written fleet maintenance program?

  • Pre-trip visual inspection by user(s)?

  • 360 degree circle of safety?

  • Regular maintenance / inspections for all fleet vehicles, with written records of such?

Law Enforcement Liability

  • Law Enforcement Liability?

LLRMI Portal

  • Access for entire department for training?

  • Access for admin to obtain policies?

  • Access for jail admin for policies?

  • Access for corrections officer for training?


  • Training plan in place for officers?

  • Training documents kept on file for each employee?

Video Monitoring Use

  • Body camera?

  • Dash camera?

  • Building camera within jail?


  • LLRMI policy within 5 years?

  • LLRMI jail policies audit within 5 years?

  • Training documents kept on file for each employee?

  • Critical task jail policies in place - same listing for jails, suicide prevention policy?

  • 10 high risk critical task policies in place and followed?:

  • Suicide Prevention Policy?

  • Safe guards in place for tasers and other response to resistance?

  • Utilization of LLRMI policy review?


  • Department members utilizing LLRMI seminars put on by ICRMT?

  • Department members utilizing LLRMI courses throughout region?


  • Department members utilizing LLRMI webinars?

Safety Grant

  • Grant Application?

  • Grant Reward?

  • What Year?

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