Title Page

  • Session Date

  • Therapist/Counselor Name

  • Patient Name

BIRP Progress Note Checklist

  • This checklist lists the questions to discuss during the patient visit. Tick the check box if the item is addressed and add notes as needed.


  • What were the client's thoughts and statements during the session?

  • What did the therapist/counselor observe about the patient's mood, appearance, and other behavioral factors during the session?


  • What goals and objectives were addressed during the session?

  • Was the homework from the previous session reviewed?


  • What is the patient’s current response to the intervention in the session?

  • How far along has the patient progressed from the goals and objectives outside of the session?


  • What in the Treatment Plan needs revision?

  • What is the therapist/counselor going to do next?

  • When is the next session?

General Checklist

  • Does the note connect to the patient's individualized treatment plan?

  • Are the patient's strengths and limitations in achieving goals noted and considered?

  • Is the note dated, signed and legible?

  • Is the patient's name and/or identifier included on each page?

  • Has referral and collateral information been documented?

  • Does the note reflect changes in client status (e.g., Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF), measures of functioning)?

  • Are all abbreviations standardized and consistent?

  • Did the counselor/supervisor sign the note?

  • Would someone not familiar with this case be able to read this note and understand exactly what has occurred in treatment?

  • Are any non-routine calls, missed sessions, or professional consultations regarding this case documented?


  • Name and Signature of Therapist/Counselor

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