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Wash up

Wash up area

All stainless steel at sink is folded - minimal joins

Wet edges are around all sink areas

Splashbacks go above the drainage racks

Capping above splashback over sink is flush & siliconed

Drainage racks are constructed as per detail and has ends

All areas (pipes,joins etc) to be sealed at junctions

Underneath plumbing is filled so there are no gaps

Large hose is working well with both hot and cold, good pressure and mixer is installed

Hand basin has water running at correct temperature between 22-48 degrees. Has tap for NSW regulations

All taps are to correct spec & working well with both hot & cold pressure

Cupboards are stainless steel

SS cupboards are hung straight & as per plans

SS cupboards are folded (not clad)

Pop rivet studs joining Ss panels

Stainless steel is free of sharp edges

No weld marks

Silicone is neat and not smudged

Soap & towel dispenser are up

Service Area

Service area

Corian/stone is continuos/seamless to counter front

Any markings are buffed and polished

80mm Holes cut in benches for POS & printer (with cable caps)

Sufficient power/data points in right position

Front cupboards have locks

All joinery has 2mm PVC edging

Inside joinery is studded wherever screw holes

Safe bolted down

Entry doors are hung evenly with appropriate clearance

Entry doors have support where hinges are

If inline store - entry door has a lock and keys

Freestanding upstands are in place with frameless POS

Merchandise box is manufactured to drawings & has data strip

Love life' light is evenly distributed

Extra shelf above EDB as per plans

Pour up station

Pour up station

Corian/Stone counter top is mark free

Adequate ventilation for blenders

Fans are installed in correct position

Sufficient power points for blenders & fans

GPOs are accessible

Cup dispensers are fixed adequately on 45 degree angle

Holes are cut out for blenders and they are the correct size

Where holes are cut there are no raw edges, corian is folded inside

All joinery has 2mm PVC edging

Doors are hung straight

Inside joinery is studded wherever screw holes

Cupboards have adjusted shelving where possible

Doors are installed as per plans

Juice Station

Juice station

Stainless steel is free of sharp edges

All stainless is folded & welded

Edges are siliconed in silver silicone

Sufficient power points for equipment

Bin is easily accessible & bin is in

RFD drawers have sufficient clearance & can be rolled out easily

Stainless steel pans sets for refrigerated fruit drawers are delivered

Cupboards underneath are hung straight

All joinery has 2mm PVC & edging

Inside all joinery is studded wherever screw holes

Glass above wheatgrass area is toughened and fits wheatgrass trays

Glass has no silicone marks and is finished neatly

Underside of joinery cupboard to be sealed in clear polyurethane coating or galv

Maker 1 & 2 station

Maker 1 & 2 station

Printer shelf is put up as per plans

Adequate power/data supplied for equipment and printer

Where bin is located is easily accessible and has a bin in it

Banana drawers/bins installed according to plans

Runners for drawers are heavy duty x 4

Stainless shelf above freezer is 200mm above freezer, check not sharp on bottom edge

Stainless shelf has 2 scoop holders and has a protective sleeve

Adequate ventilation for chest freezer

Titles are installed with good quality and grout matched

Ice well has wet edge around - tundish below - ice well has lid

Ice well stainless steel cupboard door is folded not clad (mesh insert)

Lid tray is installed and have tested the drainage fall

Jug area next to ice well has separate wet edge & drainage as per detail (with grate)

Generally all stainless is welded & folded

Stainless steel is free of sharp edges



All safety flooring is cored 200mm & 100mm in wet area

Floor waste has been graded

Bucket trap provided for floor waste

Finish is neat and joins minimal



Fire extinguisher & blanket are up

All joinery is of high standard

All siliconed areas are under 5mm

All silicone is neat

All cupboards have lock fixings

All finishes are as per plans

All paint finishes to walls are scuffs, chips & mark free

All paint finishes to Ceilings are scuffs, chips & mark free

Sprinkler system, air con, emergency lighting installed as per plans

If inline store - who has the key and has the partner paid

Speakers installed as per plans

Outside kiosk

Outside kiosk

Correct materials & colours are used on each elevation according to schedule

Feature panels are as per plan

Trolley rail/door stops are affixed as per plans. Or extended kicker?

Timber has no chips and has a 2PAC clear finish

All stainless skirting is affixed and straight meeting neatly at corners

Whole bottom of kiosk is siliconed

Colour back glass is clear from defect (no chipping, colour to all 4 edges)

Square bar is affixed to glass sheet junctions

POS in place

Store room

Store room

WIF is running at correct temperature

Ice machine is running correctly

Storeroom is at a cool temperature and ventilation has been installed

If outdoor cabling is sealed

Dry shelving is installed

Flooring sealed if req'd

Freezer shelving is installed

Signage, graphics and menu boards

3d signage & graphics

In correct positions as per plans

SAV graphics are affixed correctly free of bubbles

Clear glass is in place/2PAC is supplied

Are cut straight at edge & siliconed over

All 3D signage is correctly affixed and siliconed

Logos, graphics have no apparent defects i.e chips

Illuminated signage is working

Juice bar is installed correctly in place and colour is accurate

Guarantee is up & reads correctly

Are POS flush

Menu board

Panels in correct position

Menus are crack or defects free

Guarantee is crack or defect free

Easy to read/colours are correct

Lightboxes are clean & have no shadow lines or dark spots


Notes and other comments



RedCat POS System

Is it installed?

Yvette (head office) 03 95084455 Red Cat 1300 4733882

Blenders and Jugs

Blendtec: Franchise fitout - Jodie - 07 32729877 Vitamix: Roband - Ally - 02 99711788

Refrigerated Fruit Drawers

Auswide: Shamus - 0418588933 or 03 87863570


Abate: Christina Abate - 03 93104090

Stainless steel trolley

Ento: Jason - 03 93804944

Juice Dispensers

ICS Pacific: Carly - 03 97065115 Ice Machine Solutions: John - 0410907733


Robot Coupe ultra 100: Franchise fitout - Jodie - 0732729877 Ruby 2000: Nutrifaster - Angela - 02 97292011

Cup Dispensers

Franchise fitout: Jodie - 07 32729877

Wheatgrass Machine

Nutrifaster: Angela - 02 97292011

Display Fridge

LJ Stuart: James - 02 45772700

Bar Fridge

FSM: Allister - 0419565319 or 03 86452555


Is it installed?

FSM: Allister - 0419565319 or 03 86452555

Ice Machine

Is it installed?

Bromic: Alex - 0423201276 or 1300285724 Stuart Icemakers: Chris - 02 97733711

Freezer Room

Is it installed?

Alex - Bromic 0423 201 276, 1300 285 725

Upright freezers

Are they installed?

Mark - Austwide 0418 588 933 - Shamus 0401 254 074 - Mark 03 87863570

Chest Freezer

ICS: Carly - 03 97065115

Upright milk fridge

Mark - Austwide 0418 588 933 - Shamus 0401 254 074 - Mark 03 87863570

Smallwares Pack

FSM: Allister - 0419565319 or 03 86452555

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