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Roll Form

General Work Activities

  • 1. Loading and Unloading sheet metal panels:

  • A) Are cut resistant gloves utilized to prevent cuts and splinters?

  • B) Are hazards of manually lifting a heavy load assessed and mitigated prior to the lift? (use of mechanical devices, team lifts, and ergonomic techniques)

Crane Operations (Lifting and Rigging sheet metal panels) – CCR Title 8 § 4884

  • 1. Is a gantry (A-frame) crane currently being utilized to lift heavy components such as the barrel panels onto or off the panel carts or roll form conveyor?

  • C) Was a lift plan developed, reviewed and communicated to persons involved? ( e.g., crane capacity, lift route, facility obstructions)

  • D) Do hoists, lifting equipment, cables, straps and rigging equipment appear to have any visible signs of damage?

  • E) Are taglines inspected for visible signs of damage and utilized to safely control loads during a crane lift?

  • F) Is area traffic being controlled and kept from walking under the suspended load? (e.g., guide barriers, warning lights)

  • A) Are employees trained to perform crane lifting and rigging?

  • B) Are employees performing crane lifting and rigging wearing hard hats and protective gloves?

Electrical (Cords, Grounding Cables, Equipment) - CCR Title 8 § 2510.58

  • 1. Are electric cords free of damage or fraying to the wire casing and insulation? CCR Title 8 § 2340

  • 2. Are flexible cords and cables protected from accidental damage? (e.g., equipment traffic, pinch points, accidental pull from outlet) CCR Title 8 § 2405.2

  • 3. Are flexible cords and cables utilized in work areas and walk ways controlled to prevent trip and falls? CCR Title 8 § 3272

  • 4. Are electrical extension cords used for temporary operations only? CCR Title 8 § 2405

General Work Environment

  • 1. Are work and storage areas clean and orderly? CCR Title 8 § 3273

  • 2. Elimination of Slip and trip hazards: Are cover plates utilized over exposed trenches? Are air lines and electrical cords placed in a cord covers, cord reels and or taped down?

  • 3. Do aisles have at least a 24” clearance? CCR Title 8 § 3272<br>

  • 4. Are scraps, debris and waste materials (e.g., gloves and rags contaminated with IPA and Acetone) stored in the correct covered waste containers and removed from the worksite? CCR Title 8 § 5164

  • 5. Are all exits kept free of obstructions? CCR Title 8 § 3215

  • 2. Cleaning sheet metal panels with Acetone and IPA;

  • A) Are nitrile gloves utilized to prevent direct contact with chemicals?

  • B) Are straps utilized to secure the crane lifted sheet metal panel from movement during cleaning?

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