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Property Analysis

Neighborhood Information

  • Are the houses on the block well taken care of?

  • Are the cars on the block newer?

  • Are the yards well maintained in the area?

  • Are houses on the block of a newer build?

  • Do you feel safe in this neighborhood?

  • Does the house back up to or reside on a busy street?

Items That Need Immediate Attention (Check all that apply)

  • Property needs secured

  • Broken Windows

  • Broken Door

  • Other:

  • Yard needs addressed

  • Tree Branches Have Fallen/Going to Fall

  • Lawn needs mowed

  • Pool Needs Addressed

Current State of Property - (Check all items that apply to property)

  • Lockbox Is At Property

  • What code is lockbox set to?

  • Trashout On Property Has Been Completed

  • Has the dumpster been removed from the property?

  • Contractor's Supplies On Site

  • Contractor's On Site During Visit

Property Specific Information

  • Should the client sell the property immediately?

  • Uninhabitable conditions.

  • Repair costs would far exceed property value.

  • Rough neighborhood, wouldn't achieve underwritten rents.

  • Other:

  • Choose a Tier that best describes this property (Tier 1 = Best)

Property Status and Rent Opinions

  • Property Status

  • What would you estimate rent to be for this property?

  • Comments

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