Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Offensive material to be removed the same day.


  • Clean and Removed?

Garden Beds

  • Plants checked for damage or have died?

  • Mulch is sufficient?

  • Weeds less than 15%?


  • Birds Healthy and Safe?

  • Aviary secure, mesh intact?

  • Pond clean and water tight?

  • Aviary clean and tidy?


  • Sub-surface & risers in garden beds are in good working order?

  • Pop-ups in Lawn Areas are in good working order?

  • In-line drippers are in good working order?

  • Valve boxes checked and clear?


  • Playground area is clean, tidy and safe. There are no syringes, broken glass or other hazards present?<br>Visual Inspection Required.

  • Playground equipment is safe, Soft fall adequate, trampoline free from debris?<br>Visual Inspection Required.

  • Musical fence, hand pump and drinking fountain are functional?


  • Free from obvious signs of damage, free from hangers?

  • Tree mulch is sufficient?

Mowing and Edging

  • Are all lawn areas mowed?

  • Are all paths edged?

  • Are all garden beds edged?


  • Tidy and safe?


  • Seats in good clean condition and safe?

  • Pavilion in good clean condition and safe?

  • Bridges in good clean condition and safe?

  • Arch, Arbours, Statues and Cairn are in good condition?

  • Fences and gates are secure?


  • Entry signs and precinct signs are in good condition?


  • Car park bins checked?

  • Internal bins checked?

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