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  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Customer Service

  • GP10 CARE3

  • C - Counter Manager

  • A - All Cars & Office clean before you go home

  • R - Reservations Rental Ready & LP Usage

  • E - ESQi Calls

  • 3 - Critical Questions Asked

  • Vehicle Preparation Process
  • Employee

  • Inspection Process

  • Opportunity

Employee Development

  • Weekly Meetings

  • Monthly 1 on 1 MPE/PDM

  • Schedule Posted 60 days out

  • Branch Goals Updated

  • Facility/Restroom clean and uncluttered

  • DaIly Checklist in Place and used properly

  • Theme of the Day

Days Earned Growth

  • PDM Completed and Employee Knows Targets

  • Monthly Marketing Schedule Posted

  • Boss Calls MTD - On Pace

  • Employee Breakdown
  • Employee Name

  • MTD Boss Calls

  • Phones - Energy, Assistance, CAPP Transfer

  • Under 20% Contact 90%

  • Rental Ready - 90%


  • MPE’s Completed/Goals Set

  • Morning Huddle

  • Employees Following GP10 Sales Cycle

  • Observation 1
  • Employee Name

  • O - Offer Upgrade

  • R - Roadside (Trunk/Tire Checks)

  • A - Additional Products (At the Door)

  • N - Name all products - offer all “optional”

  • G - Go Over Charges

  • E - Enterprise Business Card - Secure SQI

  • Opportunity

  • PPG sold and Fuel Collected on Return

  • Launchpad Leaderboard being used

  • Sales Culture rating 1-10

Cost Control

  • GP10 Underwriting Plan Followed

  • Run and Review Risk Management App

  • Conduct Fleet Inspection

  • Ready Line Inspection
  • Vehicle Number

  • Clean Car Pledge Ranking

  • Vehicle Feedback

  • Observe proper Trunk to Trunk

  • Cars shopped timely and shop cars worked

  • Wednesday Report Updated

  • LOFR Score Under 20

  • Daily Timesheets and Lunch Breaks

Areas of Opportunity/Recap

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  • Branch/Assistant Manager

  • Area Manager

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