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  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Is the perimeter acceptable

  • Are the drains free

  • Are weeds, grass etc acceptably controlled

  • Are external doors/walls proofed

  • Is the site pest controlled

  • Are walls/surroundings free of redundant equipment


  • Are all doors, walls, windows suitably proofed

  • Are EFKs al working

  • Is there an outstanding pest problem

  • Are EFKs and rodent bait serviced

  • Is the factory generally acceptably clean and tidy

  • Is all glass protected


  • Are glass registers up to date

  • Are knife registers up to date

  • Are sharp bins present and used

  • Are walls acceptably clean and clear

  • Are floors acceptably clean and clear

  • Are high levels acceptably clean


  • Are toilets acceptable

  • Is the canteen acceptable

  • Are the changing rooms acceptable

  • Are the lockers acceptable

  • Are hand washing stations acceptable

  • Is waste appropriately stored

  • Are bins lined with plastic bags

  • Are staff generally clean and appropriately attired

  • Is the jewellery policy followed<br>


  • Are machines clean

  • Are packing machines clean

  • Are chemicals stored properly

  • Are there any redundant components on machines

  • Are all tools stored away


  • Is the warehouse acceptable

  • Are SOPs in place

  • Is the written system up to date

  • Are records filled in acceptably

  • Are measuring tools calibrated

  • Is the hold/quarantine system working/followed

  • Are hygiene incidents recorded

  • Are corrective actions recorded/reviewed

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