Title Page

  • Audit Title


  • Conducted on

  • Select date


  • Completes pre-operational safety inspection & checklist

  • Knows steps in reporting faulty/unsafe equipment


  • Adheres to safety rules of site in travel (uses horn at intersections/near other MHE, comes to complete stop at int., etc..)

  • Checks for hazards (pedestrians other MHE) prior to moving off via shoulder checks

  • Checks pallet & load for damages/defects prior to lifting

  • Inserts tines safely & stops when load rests against back rest

  • Adjusts pallet to safe travel height before moving.

  • Stacks cartons safely and correctly on pallet (actively reduces fall hazard)


  • Constantly looks for hazards in direction of forward travel.

  • Travels at safe speed without abrupt turning or stopping


  • Completes shoulder check prior to withdrawing, displaying awareness of potential hazards

  • Correct body positioning with walk behind to avoid being hit or hitting something else

  • Stores MHE in safe location when not in use (or can communicate to do so)

Assessors Recommendation

  • Operator assessed as competent

  • Operator requires reassessment

  • Assessors name

  • Assessors signature

  • Operator name

  • Operators signature

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