• Department / Area

  • Machine # and Name

  • Document No.

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Reason for audit?


  • Pictures of machine or equipment

Action items

  • Machine is positioned correctly?

  • Anchored to floor?

  • Walls or fencing around machine are positioned correctly?

  • All Machine guards in place?

  • Light curtains in place and working correctly?

  • Pressure sensitive safety mats working correctly?

  • E-STOP's working correctly?

  • LOTO procedures posted on the machine?

  • PPE sign is posted?

  • Area free from Slip, Trip & Fall hazards?

  • Anti-Fatigue mats in place for operator?

Corrective Action

  • For any item marked "NO", IMMEDIATE corrective action must be taken before machine is put into service. Details below.

  • For any item marked "Needed", corrective action will be taken, however, machine can still be placed into service. Details below.


  • Maintenance signature

  • Supervisor or Lead signature

  • Plant Manager signature

  • EHS Manager signature

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