• Date

  • Audit Title

  • Contractor

  • Completed by

  • Location
  • Job Number (FFP, iTools, VS etc)

  • WAP#

  • Onsite Supervisor

  • Brief description of works at time of inspection



  • Are Chorus signs erected for community where applicable and dated? (UFB ONLY, take photo evidence)

  • Are personnel inducted and signed onto a daily prestart / JSA (job safety analysis) / tailgate / toolbox? <br>(View documents and ascertain signature page to ensure personnel have signed on)

  • Are all the people on the worksite wearing compliant mandatory PPE? <br>(Hard hat, safety boots, hi viz vest, safety eye wear, long pants, long sleeved shirt)

  • Is additional PPE available for the task and fit for purpose?<br>(Safety eyewear/goggles, full face shield for cutting concrete, gloves. Harness for working at height. Gloves for general cutting, tripod, winch. Coveralls, P2 mask for asbestos works. Calibrated gas detector. 2way radios for traffic control etc.)

  • Have site specific hazards been identified and controlled? <br>(Review daily prestart / JSA (job safety analysis) / tailgate / toolbox and SWMS (safe work method statement). TAKE PHOTOS)

Training & competency

Training and Competency

  • Obtain name of all crew members so that training records and competencies can be verified:

  • Take picture of sign on if easier to record names

  • If operator/technician has their WTC (wheels, tracks and rollers) or verification card on them then take a photo:



  • Are appropriate registers completed and on site?<br>(SDS, plant/equipment, ladders/lifting, gas detector calibration, electrical equipment etc)

  • Are documented SOP (safe operating practices) available and being followed? (Check dates/versions etc)

  • Are relevant and mandatory permits in place?<br>(E.g. Excavation/drilling, working at heights, hot works, confined spaces and transformer)<br>-> IF NO STOP WORKS IMMEDIATELY AND CONTACT FIELD MANAGER

  • Are relevant consents (e.g. Close approach) on site and sighted?

  • Are traffic management plans available, current and approved?

  • Are coloured A3 plans available and on site?



  • Is the worksite clean and tidy? (E.g. No trip hazards)

  • Is dust and noise managed? (E.g. Water, ear muffs etc)

  • Are sediment controls in place and effective? (E.g. Filter cloth, sand socks)

  • Are spill kits available and accessible?

  • Are hazardous substances stored safely in bundled trays and SDS available for each?

  • Are pedestrian ramps safe and secure? (E.g. Interlocked securely, flat and with solid foundations)

Plant / Equipment / Vehicles

Plant / Equipment / Vehicles

  • Is an exclusion zone set up around mobile plant? <br>(Aka site isolation and pedestrian corridor and/or are spotters in place)

  • Are seat belts being worn in moving plant?

  • Do operators have valid licenses? (E.g. Full drivers license, Wheels tracks and rollers)<br>-> THIS IS MANDATORY

  • License photos:

  • Have daily plant prestarts been completed and documented by they operator? (View and take photos)

  • Do vehicles have current WOFs and registrations?

  • Is site equipment in good condition?<br>(E.g. No obvious defects, cracked handles, bent hammers, frayed leads)

  • Is portable electrical equipment tested and tagged and in date (3 monthly)?<br>(E.g. Generators, leads, residual current device, air compressor etc)

  • Electrical equipment:

  • Is a ladder register available and on site? (Check for testing certification)

  • Register photo:

  • Safety equipment certified and completed in on site lifting register?<br>(E.g. Harness/lifting equipment, strops, chains).

  • Register photo:

  • Are safety fences secure and suitably protecting pedestrians/excavations from unauthorised access to work areas?

  • Barrier photo:

Critical Safety Checks

Critical Safety Checks

  • If any of the following safety critical areas are not compliant then work MUST BE STOPPED UNTIL THE ISSUE IS RESOLVED

  • Permits / consents of work not in place e.g. working at heights, excavation / drilling, confined space work

  • Work training competencies - if any certificates held on site are out of date or crew are undertaking work which they hold no valid training qualification

  • Traffic Management. Plan not being followed or pedestrian safety at risk

  • Breach of Safe work methods statement (SWMS) or SOP not followed

  • Unsafe behaviour/acts/conditions (e.g. Horseplay, operating faulting equipment, not licensed to operate plant, unsafe ramps, unprotected excavations, poor exclusion zones around plant, incorrect wearing of PPE, poor sediment controls (slurry in drains etc)

  • Extra worksite photo

Sign Off

  • Actions required? (State by who and by when)

  • Site representative:

  • Chorus representative:

  • Positive behaviours

  • Any other comments?

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