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  • 1.1 Has the last inspection been reviewed?

  • 1.2 Are required corrective action initiated?


  • 2.1 Floor, surfaces even and uncluttered?

  • 2.2 Entrance and walkway kept clear?

  • 2.3 Walkways and product storage area marked properly?

  • 2.4 Are dedicated emergency exit doors provided, easily operational from inside?

  • 2.5 Emergency lights are installed and operational?

  • 2.5 Adequate lighting provided in the area/facility?

  • 2.6 Light fittings are clean and in good condition?

  • 2.7 Is facility kept closed and properly sealed protecting from water leakages and preventing dust and pest entry?

  • 2.8 External area (car park, pathways, external storage areas etc).


  • 3.1 Work environment ( floor, machine, equipment a, furniture and utilities) is clean and tidy?

  • 3.2 Area organized properly?

  • 3.3 Machine and workplace kept clean and tidy?

  • 3.4 Waste clearance is maintained regularly?

  • 3.5 Is the canteen area including kitchen clean and tidy?

  • 3.6 Are all toilets, locker rooms and showers clean and free from damage


  • 4.1 No broken plugs, sockets or switches?

  • 4.2 No power leads across walkway?

  • 4.3 No frayed or damaged leads?

  • 4.4 Appropriate signs are posted on electrical equipment?


  • 5.1 Starting and stopping devices or switches are within easy reach of operator?

  • 5.2 Emergency switches are. Operational?

  • 5.3 Necessary safety guards provided and in operational condition?

  • 5.4 Adequate workplace available?

  • 5.5 Operator trained/inducted about the safe operating procedures?

  • 5.6 All moving parts are appropriately guarded to avoid injury?

  • 5.7 Safety warnings or signs are posted as appropriate?

6.0 PPE

  • 6.1 Are PPE requirement of the process or facility identified and appropriate signs posted?

  • 6.2 Do employees appropriate PPEs as identified?

  • 6.3 Are used PPEs meet the requirement?


  • 7.1 Evacuation plan displayed and appropriate according to the current layout of the facility?

  • 7.2 Fire extinguishers are in place, hanged and easily accessible?

  • 7.3 Fire alarm switches identified by signs and easily accessible?

  • 7.4 Exit ways kept clear of obstruction?

  • 7.5 Fire shutters unobstructed (drop down area)


  • 8.1 Waste collection points assigned as required and communicated/posted appropriately?

  • 8.2 A waste management plant established appropriate to the facility?

  • 8.3 Wastes cleared regularly as identified on the plan?

  • 8.4 Separate collection point identified for hazardous wastes?

  • 8.5 Waste collection points as appropriately marked and color coded for different type of waste ?


  • 9.1 Hazardous substances within work area

  • 9.2 Hazardous waste bins used correctly?

  • 9.3 CoSHH signage in use and current?


  • 10.1 Has a visual daily checks been completed for each delivery vehicle?

  • 10.2 Are all delivery vehicles clean (cabs, windscreens etc)?

  • 9.3 Are all service records available for inspection (including drivers details)?


  • 11.1 Have all accidents, incidents or near misses been reported?

  • 11.2 Are the first aid boxes fully stocked and available?

  • 11.3 Are there enough First Aiders for the number of staff?

12. Plant

  • 12.1 Has the daily inspection for the forklifts been completed?

  • 12.2 A-frame trolley, pallet trucks & trolley racking in good order

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