Walk in fridge

Is fridge running at correct temperature?

Are raw meat items separate from cooked meat items?

Are cooked meat items stored above raw meat items?

Raw chicken stored on bottom shelf?

Are all fridge items in date?

Are all items correctly day dotted?

Are fish items stored correctly away from meat?

Are raw fish items stored below cooked fish items?

Is tuna and other scrombroid fish items stored on ice?

Have food items been removed from delivery packaging?

Are all glass items stored on bottom shelf?

Is the fridge clean and tidy?

Are all lights working and in good order?

Are the chiller curtains in place and un damaged?

Walk in freezer/freezers

Is the freezer running at correct temperature?

Are all items decanted and stored with original label and in sealed container?

Are all items in date?

No signs of in house freezing?

Is the freezer clean?

Are the lights in working order?

Is the floor clean and free from ice?

Line fridges and freezers

Is all food items stored in clean containers and day dotted correctly?

Are all food items covered on arrival?

Are cooked meat items stored above raw meat items?

Are cooked fish items stored above raw fish items?

Is tuna stored on ice and at correct temperature?

Are all fridges clean?

Are all fridge seals in good condition?

Are fridges and freezers running at correct temperature?

Are the freezers clean?

Are all contact services clean and sanitizer?

KP area

Is the dishwasher in good working order?

Are all sinks clean?

Are all chemicals available and in correct dispensers?

Are paper towels available?

Are colour coded J clothes available an in correct use?

Is the wall behind dishwasher clean?

Is there hot water readily available?

Kitchen Mainternance

Are all lights working?

All the equipment in good working order?

Is the floor clean?

Are all the heat lamps working?

Is there a raw meat section and PPE available?

Are colour coded chopping boards available, in good order and stored correctly?

Are colour coded knives available and stored correctly?

Are colour coded tongs available and stored correctly during service?

Are all contact services clean?

Is the extraction clean?

Are all fridges and freezers clearly numbered?

Chargrill poster displayed

Has the cooking matrix been completed?

Are mops and brooms being stored correctly?

Is the boiler room clean and clutter free?

Dry store

Are all items in date?

Are items in glass containers stored on the bottom shelf?

Are all items that have been opened stored in a sealed container and labeled correctly?

Are nuts stored in air tight containers on bottom shelf?

Is the shelving clean and rust free?

Personal hygiene

Are all chefs wearing correct uniform?

Are all chefs wearing hats?

Are all chefs wearing safety shoes?

Are all chefs clean?

Back yard/bin area

Are all the bins clean and in good order?

Are lids closed on all bins?

Is the back yard clean and free of rubbish?

Is there a covered area for deliveries?

Due diligence

Is the due diligence book available?

Are deliveries being checked and probed?

Has the manager responsibilities list been signed?

Is the due diligence being filled in correctly?

Has the RBM'S checklist been signed?

Kitchen knowledge

What fish should be stored on ice?

How do we defrost items appropriately?

How long do we have to cool food items to required temperature?

How do we clean a work surface?

Bar and cellar

Are ice scoops in D10 solution?

Are fridge seals in good condition and clean?

Is Celery stored separately?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.