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Sources of Ignition

  • Signs of smoking: check all floors lobbies and landings, lift cars, staircases, and any other accessible areas bin chambers, enclosed corridors etc

  • Check for risk of arson/signs of arson

  • Check intake cupboard doors secure ground and all floors. Note any defects, vandalised doors & locks etc

  • Check lift motor and other plant room doors secure - all floors where they occur. Note any defects, vandalised doors & locks etc

  • Check any loft hatches or access hatches/doors to roof spaces or flat roofs = secure. Note any defects, vandalised doors & locks etc:

Sources of Combustible Materials/Hazards

  • Check all floors lobbies and landlngs

  • Check staircases and any lift cars(if applicable)

  • Check any other accessible areas bin chambers, enclosed corridors etc

  • If contractors are working on site check any storage facilities they may use inside the block or adjacent to it. (Check with Property Services first):

  • Are portable electrical appliances tested? Are electrical fittings in good order and not congested, or buried in storage?

Fire Detection and Fighting Installations

  • Check Dry risers and Fire Extinguishers. (visual check only: Are they secure?Is there any damage? Are they blocked or obstructed in any way?) Having regard to the hazards, Is the correct type of equipment present?

  • Check fire hydrants/water points if installed in block or adjacent. (visual check only: Are they secure? Is there any damage? Are they blocked or obstructed in any way? Are they marked yellow H?)

  • Is fire alarm tested every week using a different call point in rotation and whilst the building is occupied? And recorded in Fire Log Book?

  • Check Fire Alarm system (Visual Inspection) All mag hold doors, Kitchen roller shutter works(if applicable).

  • Is access available to emergency vehicles?

  • Check sprinkler system if installed. Usually installed in large bin chamber rooms. (visual check only: Are they secure? Is there any damage? Are they blocked or obstructed in any way?)

Means of Escape

  • Check all staircases for obstruction as well as rubbish, check for residents property being stored on staircase landings.

  • Check all landings, lift lobby areas, and ground floor entrances for obstructions such as residents property cycles, plants, carpets, etc.

  • Check that fire exit doors are not obstructed inside and out.

  • Are all floors, stairways and pathway surfaces in good condition and free from trip and slip hazards?

  • 100% Check of all communal fire safety doors to ensure they are secure and can be opened and closed easily. Check for defects to doors, opening mechanisms, handles, smoke protection etc. Doors should not be propped open unless on a hold open device - note any that are.

  • External check that all flat entrance fire safety doors for any visual defects - note any defects

  • Check that Fire alarm System/emergency lighting works should be test button/switch for inspecting officer to access to test. Also check general landlords lighting to ensure in working order.

  • Check fire exit signage is not defaced, removed, broken. Also check for gaps in fire exit signage on landings, lift lobby areas and entrances.

  • Check for general fire advice notice. (What you should do in the event of a fire).There should be at least one in every entrance to a block of flats & in every lift car.

  • Check that Fire Door Keep Shut signs are affixed to every communal fire door (staircase doors, intake cupboard doors, plant room doors etc).

Housing Statutory Obligation

  • Check Fire Risk Assessment and review

  • Is the fire alarm in good working order, with a uniform signal, audible throughout the building? Is fire alarm serviced quarterly, six monthly and annually by a qualified engineer or as appropriate in accordance with its design specification?

  • Is the premises provided with emergency lighting system to the escape routes? Does a qualified engineer test the emergency lighting system in accordance with the system design specification?

  • Check the record of electrical installations supplying the flats and the common parts of the building should undergo a periodic inspection and test every five years.

  • Check Fire Protection equipment (Extinguishers) Cert

  • Check Annual Gas safety Service Cert

  • Check Annual Fan and Pump Service Cert

  • Does staffs receive fire training?

  • Check Legionella and water Hygiene Log Book

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