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  • 1. Are proper distance & safety operating procedures has maintained towards the running drum/ machinery during monitoring process?

  • 2. Is face mask used while doing finishing trials, using powder products, in buffing area?

  • 3. PPE's are in use at this workplace and PPE conditions are evaluated periodically?

  • Select the PPE's used at this workplace

  • 4. Are we following proper safety norms during driving? ( Sealtbelts, Helmets, Avoiding mobiles etc)?<br>

  • 5. Are the PDS, MSDS made available for all Buckman chemicals in the workplace?

  • 6. Are the safety signages, emergency contacts and handling procedures are maintained for all Buckman chemicals at this workplace?<br>

  • 7. Is the working area free from sharp edges,? Is it free from hazardous vapours?

  • 8. Are the chemical containment and drainage system well maintained and in good condition?

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