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Previous Inspection

  • Has the last inspection been reviewed

  • Have the outstanding items been actioned

Building Exterior

  • Disabled access to building is clear and safe ? (Eg no obstructions and even surfaces )

  • Are exit doors clear and operating correctly including fire egress paths and Main auto Doors

  • Is the building facade in good condition ? (Eg Painting, cracks or parts missing or loose)

  • Are the areas around the building clean ? (Eg windows, paths, bin storage and veranda's)

  • Car parking areas are free from damage, debris and OH&S issues

  • Is the carpark surface in good condition? (Eg No potholes,pillars damaged, fencing secure etc)

  • Is the carpark entry / exit, height restriction signage and line markings clearly visible ?

  • Is the carpark lighting clean and working ? (Eg lamps , sensors exit lights etc)

  • Landscaping / gardens in good condition ? (Eg watering system, dead plants, weeds and rubbish)

  • Building signage in good condition ?

  • Exterior lighting in good condition ? (Eg lights working or damage to fittings)

  • Roof, gutters & down pipes in good condition ?

Entrance / Foyer

  • Is the entry paths and entry mats clean and in good condition ?

  • Is the security system in place and functioning correctly ?

  • Are doors, windows & painted surfaces in good condition ?

  • Are exit and general lights, electrical plugs / sockets in safe working condition ?

  • Is the internal signage up to date and in good condition ?


  • Are toilets ,showers and hand basins clean and tidy ?

  • Are the fixtures in good working condition ? (Eg taps, cisterns, toilet / hand towel / soap dispensers)

  • Are lights, electrical plug outlets in safe working condition ?

  • Are electrical appliances tested / tagged and within compliance date

  • Are doors, windows & painted surfaces in good condition ?

  • Is the wall & floor coverings clean and in good condition ?


  • Are the interior surfaces free of damage ?

  • Are steps,hand rails and landing surfaces clean and in good condition ?

  • Are travelers working and safe?

  • Are the Emergency stop buttons & safety indicators functioning correctly ?

  • Are malls clean/tidy ?

  • Is common lighting,fixtures and furniture in good condition ?

Emergency egress paths

  • Are Emergency paths clear of items and exit Doors are operating correctly and in good condition ? (Eg fire door rated , marked correctly, security operating correctly, doors opening & closing correctly) ?

  • Is the stairwell exit and general access lights operating correctly and in good condition ? (Eg blown lamps , sensors etc)

Loading Bay

  • Is the loading bay clean and tidy? (Eg cobwebs, rubbish build up etc)

  • Is the loading bay entry / exit, height restriction signage and line markings clearly visible ?

  • Is the loading bay roller door in good working condition ?

  • Is the loading bay lighting clean and working ? (Eg lamps , sensors exit lights etc)

Building services cupboards / risers

  • Are cupboards / risers clearly identified ?

  • Are electrical riser cupboards and distribution boards locked ?

  • Are riser cupboards clear and not being used as storage areas ?

Cleaners/ storerooms

  • Is the cleaners room identified and secure ?

  • Are the cleaning chemicals suitably bunded and stored ?<br>

  • Are MSDS sheets provided for all the chemicals onsite and within date ?

  • Is there a hazardous substance register on site and up to date ?

Fire services equipment

  • Are the fire extinguishers and hose reels suitably identified/sign posted ?

  • Are the fire extinguishers and hose reels within scheduled compliance test / tag date ?

  • Is the access to fire extinguishers and hose reels clear ?

  • Is the equipment or enclosure in good condition / undamaged ?

  • Is the FIP panel clear of faults and in working order?

  • Is the EWIS panel and WIP phones in good working order ?

  • Are fire block plans in place and up to date ?

Evacuation Plans & Procedures

  • Are evacuation plans provided and suitably located within the premises and up to date?

  • Is there an emergency evacuation management plan in place ?

  • When was the last annual trial evacuation completed ?

Roof top

  • Are the access paths, ladders, hatches to the roof top secure ?

  • Is the supplied Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) up to date and adequate ?

  • Is the roof clean and tidy

  • Is the plant equipment operating correctly ? (eg leaks , equipment not functioning or damaged )

Water cooled Mechanical plant

  • Dosing equipment working correctly ?

  • Are chemical levels adequate ?

  • Are cooling towers functioning correctly ( eg noise,leaks,corrosion etc)


  • Is the BMS operating correctly ?

  • Are the BMS passwords operational and secure

Additional comments

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