• Staff member has understood and agreed to the following

  • Whilst rostered, a zero blood drug and alcohol level must be maintained

  • A valid drivers licence must be held and provided to head office

  • Picture of drivers license (Front and back)

  • After dropping kids back at the centre a physical walk down the isle of the bus must be done to ensure all children are off and no lost property is left behind. Take a picture of the bus tag at the back and upload on Fleetio (bus inspection app)

  • Fuel tank must be kept above the halfway mark. The bus must be warmed up for 5 minutes before driving. If bus needs refuelling let HQ know and use the petrol card from HQ

  • Do not park or stop in a “no standing” or “no stopping zone”. Parking rangers will always be at schools.

  • 12 seat bus clearance height 2.3m, 25 seater bus clearance height 2.8m

  • If you are late to a school, let head office or your CM know so someone can be there for the children while waiting for your school

  • Only 12, 14, 21 and 25 seaters can park in a bus zone. Anything less is a “normal” vehicle and cannot stop in a bus zone. For example, the El Grande is an 8 seater vehicle and cannot stop in a bus zone.

  • Booster seats provided for children under 7 yrs in vehicles with 12 seats or less

  • All accidents or damage caused to buses must be reported to Management

  • Driver knows how to take the fire extinguisher out and understands how to use it

Section 1

  • Understands on how to use Fleetio and complete inspections

  • Staff member has completed a practical drive with an Inspire Manager or Bus Driving Instructor

  • Notes

  • Staff member is competent to drive


  • Name of trainee

  • Signature

  • Picture of drivers license

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