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  • Site conducted

  • Project

  • Sponsoring Agency

  • Conducted on

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  • Location

Project Outline


  • Expand details on the proposed project. Why has it been proposed and who has been involved in the process?

What Initiated the Project

  • What is the strategic issue or opportunity that is being addressed?

  • What are high level project timeframes?

  • What may occur if the investment is not undertaken and the impact?

Why Do We Want To Do It

  • Clearly articulate the problem or opportunity and the benefits which will be realised if the project is progressed

Strategic Intent and Alignment

  • Describe the strategic intent of the project and what areas of policy and/or area of government or private sector that are the driving force behind the project.

Key Project Drivers

  • This section should provide an overview of what the project aims to deliver and the impacts of the project on the government, economy, business and wider community (as applicable).

  • Clearly outline, among other things: 1. Why the project is considered important and implications of the project not proceeding; 2. What economy and/or jobs enhancing outcomes will be achieved by the project proceeding; and 3. All project constraints and how these are proposed to be addressed.

  • Attach a completed Benefits Realization Report

Project Options Analysis

Options Assessment

  • Summarize the shortlisting and filtering process undertaken to identify the options to deliver the project outcome

  • Provide a detailed reassessment of the shortlisted options identified.

  • Assess in detail options identified.

  • Explains the rationale for discarding any options identified.

Stakeholder Impacts

  • In relation to each of the options, describe the government and external (business/community) stakeholders that are impacted by the proposed project, the nature and level of impact and, where there are negative impacts, how these impacts will be managed and mitigated.

  • Stakeholder Effected
  • Stakeholder Effected

  • Impact

  • How affected

  • Proposed Mitigation

Outcome of Options Assessment

The Reference Project

  • Provide clear details of the scope of the Reference Project, what the Reference Project will accomplish, clearly articulate what outcomes will be achieved, and what makes it the preferred approach to resolving the issue or leveraging the opportunity.

Performance Measurement and Baselining

  • Outcome

  • KPI

  • KPI Owner

  • Benefit metric

  • Baseline Measure

  • Target

  • Measure


  • Recommendations/ Rationale

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