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Business Case Template

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Overview

  • Provide a précis of the introduction, background, problem statement and objectives, including information about the priority and importance of the project in the context of the Strategic Objectives of and benefits to the facility/organization.

1.2 Options Appraisal

  • Provide a brief summary of the options considered and the reasons for choosing the preferred option.

1.3 Costs and Benefits

  • Summarize the main points and include sufficient detail so that your executive or approval committee can use this as a ready reference.

2. Introduction

2.1 Background

  • Provide a brief history of how the project came into being, and from where the authority and drive for it comes, including background on the nature of the work conducted that explains why you want to take on the project.

2.2 Problem Statement

  • Summarize the problem that the project is aiming to address. Highlight any previous analyses of the problem that have been done and where the impetus for change exists; that is, where is the ‘pain’ and who is feeling it; and, if necessary, why your area or the department should be doing something about this and what are the likely consequences of not addressing the problem.

2.3 Strategic Objectives

  • Specify

  • Measure

2.4 Project Objectives

  • Highlight the products that are to be produced as a result of this project.

2.5 Related Projects

  • Briefly state any other projects that are being undertaken that relate to the same strategic and highlight whether there are interdependencies between this project and any of those projects.

  • Take or attach relevant photos and files.

3. Options Analysis

  • Description

  • Benefits

  • Disadvantages

  • Timescale

  • Costs

  • Major Risks

3.1 Preferred Option

  • State the preferred option and why.

4. Procurement

  • State what procurement action would need to be undertaken, including an indicative timetable and justification for the proposed approach.

5. Project Strategy

Key Milestones and Deliverables

    Event / Milestone
  • Specify

  • Deliverable

  • Date (or elapsed time from start of project)

6. Costs–Benefits Analysis

  • Outline how calculations for savings and benefits have been made – include attributable costs.

  • Photos (optional)

7. Project Management and Control

7.1 Business Case

  • Write a brief statement on how this document will be kept up to date during the course of the project; that is, review points particularly where the expected scope, costs, benefits and savings figures are re-adjusted or confirmed.

  • How will different versions be identified?

7.2 Governance

  • Who will oversee progress (E.g. committee, executive sponsor, divisional head)

  • Who will manage the project?

  • How will the facility executive be kept informed of progress?

7.4 Progress Monitoring

  • Enter here the mechanisms that you will establish to monitor and compare actual achievements against your baseline plan.

8. Completion

  • Additional Comments

  • Project Manager Name & Signature

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.