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Store Reopening Plan

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Store Reopening Planning Team

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Store Reopening Checklist


  • Confirm employee health and readiness to return to work

  • Communicate reopening schedule as soon as possible with employees.

  • Determine shift schedules as soon as possible.

Inventory Check

  • Verify inventory count and records.

  • Take stock of inventory and record losses of any product damaged/out of date/spoiled during closure.

  • Contact vendors and suppliers to update product orders and delivery schedules.

Store Exterior

  • Sweep sidewalks (if a curbside store), dust ledges, wash store windows and doors.

  • Clear all debris from in front of store.

  • Ensure building is clean and well lit.

  • Parking lot, if available, is clean with garbage cleared.

  • Up to date promotions and reopening signs are displayed in windows.


  • Clean light fixtures and replace burnt out bulbs.

  • Sanitize doors and knobs.

  • Sweep and sanitize floors.

  • Dust displays and surfaces.

  • Check that all fixtures, floors, walls, windows, and surfaces are clean and well maintained.

  • Before restocking product, review updated merchandising guides/promotional materials.

  • Ensure merchandisers/staff are scheduled to set up displays and equipment.

  • Verify product pricing.

  • Place promotional signage.

Physical Facilties

  • Sweep and sanitize floors.

  • Ensure HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems are operating properly

  • Verify all locks are in good repair.

  • Clean out air vents and replace filters as necessary.

  • Ensure alarm systems are working.

  • Ensure electricity is available throughout the store

  • Review loss prevention and security policies with employees.

  • Educate employees on any new handwashing, sanitization, health and safety policies.


  • Boot up POS systems and verify systems are ready to process transactions.<br>

  • Ensure POS is clean, sanitized, and free from personal effects.


  • Clean customer restrooms including all surfaces (counters, sinks, toilets, floors, handles and doors).<br>

  • Restock supplies

  • Check if sinks and plumbing are working correctly


  • Final Notes/Comments

  • You may contact the following person with any questions or comments about this plan.

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