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  • Surrounding areas are cleaned and maintained adequately

  • Walls, floors, edges/junctions and drains are clean and are in good state

  • ceiling & overheads are clean

  • Ventilation holes and drainage holes and lights are covered properly

  • The area is free from any objectionable odors, smoke , dust and other contaminants

  • Hot water facility is available throughout the operation


  • Staffs are following proper receiving procedures

  • Food handling equipment, utensils and food contact surfaces are properly maintained or washed and/or sanitized before every use or as applicable

  • Frozen food is thawed either under refrigeration or or in cold running water

  • Vegetable sanitation procedures are in place and is followed

  • Procedures are in place to prevent cross contamination

  • Food is cooked to the safe internal temperature for an appropriate time.

  • Food is prepared in small batches to limit exposure to Temperature danger zone not more than 90 minutes

  • Hot Food is chilled using the blast chiller/blast freezer before cold storage


  • Food holding areas/units are clean and organized

  • Food is heated to the required safe internal temperature before placing in the hot holding unit

  • Hot holding units are not used to reheat potentially hazardous foods

  • Hot Holding unit is pre-heated before hot food is placed in unit

  • Temperature of cold food being held is at or below 5 degrees


  • Temperature of chillers is maintained at below 5 degrees<br>

  • Thermometers are available

  • Temperature of dry storage areas is between 10° C to 30°C

  • Temperature of chillers is maintained at below -12to-18 degrees

  • Food is stored 6 inches above the floor, walls and ceiling and 12 inches away from cooling fans

  • Storage areas/ units are clean and organized

  • There are no expired items, no bulging or leaking canned goods in all storage

  • Open bags of food are stored in containers with tight-fitting lids and labeled

  • All food is covered and properly labeled (labels contains correct information)

  • Non Food chemicals are clearly labeled and stored away from Food and food related supplies & is in a lockable condition


  • cleaning and sanitizing schedule is in place & followed

  • dishwashing machines is properly set up (such as gauge and chemicals are at a recommended levels)

  • water temperature is correct for wash 50°C to 60°C and rinse at 80°C

  • if using a chemical sanitizer, correct concentrations are used and monitored

  • Floors & Walls are clean


  • Team members wear clean and proper uniform including shoes

  • Effective hair restraints &/or protective clothing are properly worn

  • Fingernails are short, unpolished and clean ( no artificial nails allowed)

  • Jewelry is limited to a plain ring such as a wedding band. NO wrist watch and bracelets ( no jewelry in the BOH )

  • Burns, wounds and sores, scabs and blue water proof colored bandage are covered with a food grade glove while handling food

  • hands are washed as per the hand washing guidelines at every 20 minutes intervals and/or when required

  • Staffs appear to be in good health

  • Employees are using assigned restrooms

  • Hand washing stations are operational, clean, unobstructed and are equipped with soap, disposable towels and guidelines are posted


  • garbage bins are kept covered

  • garbage bins at food handling areas are emptied as necessary or at every 4 hours interval

  • Cardboard boxes, outer wraps are removed and placed in specially designated areas

  • loading dock and area around the bins are cleaned and odorless

  • garbage bins are clean

  • Outside doors have screens, are well sealed, and are equipped with a self-closing device, electrical air curtain or plastic strip curtains.


  • No evidence of pests is present.

  • Pest Control visits are documented

  • Pest sighting is recorded

  • Recommendations fromPest Control Visits are acted upon

  • exhaust hoods and filters are clean , working properly


  • All small equipment and utensils including cutting boards and knives are cleaned and sanitized between uses and when required

  • Small equipment and utensils are washed, sanitized and air dried

  • thermometers are cleaned and sanitized after each use

  • drawers and racks are cleaned

  • clean utensils are handled in a manner to prevent contamination of areas that will be in direct contact with food or food handlers


  • Equipment installed properly and broken items are handled properly

  • All confirmed Food handlers have Valid food handlers permit

  • MSDS is available for all chemicals used in operation

  • Storage Temperatures are monitored and documented

  • Food handlers reports sickness like diarrhea, vomiting, food borne diseases, serious colds/Flu, septic cut/wounds etc. to the concerned person

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