Administrative Job Site Requirements

  • Active construction area clearly demarcated and safety access signage posted?

  • Emergency contact information, egress routes and evacuation muster points posted?

  • Area urgent and emergency healthcare facilities posted?

  • Daily SPA accurately reflects work, means/ methods, and precautions?

  • Daily SPA reviewed and signed by Superintendent or representative?

  • Daily SPA readily accessible in the field?

  • Daily SPA completed and signed by contractor Competent Person and contractors performing the work?

  • Daily SPAs are closed and end of day affirmation signed?

  • JSAs readily accessible in the field?

  • Are all JSAs reviewed and approved by EHS?

  • Name of JSA(s) audited? Audit 1 JSA per active contractor.

  • Does the JSA adequately capture the scope of work?

  • Are JSAs signed by the contractors working on the job?

  • Name of JSA reviewed? Review 1 JSA per active contractor.

  • Are JSA's signed by and approved by EHS?

  • Are JSA's signed by the contractors working on the job?

  • Does the JSA adequately capture the scope of work?

  • If applicable, are required personnel OSHA 10/30 Hour trained for Foreman/Supervisors?

  • Are construction signs posted?

COVID-19 Mitigation

  • COVID-19 Management Plan for project/ site approved and current?

  • Client COVID-19 screening process implemented for contractors?

  • C2 Daily Pandemic Self-Assessment completed by all contractors and visitors?

  • COVID-19 signage posted clearly?

  • Sanitation facilities and hand washing facilities available and stocked?

  • Routine (3-4 times daily) touchpoint sanitization being conducted?

  • All workers and visitors wearing fabric or surgical mask face-covering? Bandanas and neck gaiters prohibited.

  • All workers maintaining 6' distance at all times?

  • Does workers have a COVID-19 Pre-Task Safety Planning in place for activities which are infeasible to complete while maintaining 6' of distancing at all times?

  • Break and lunch accommodations made to maintain 6' distance?

  • Tools not being shared or being sanitized between users?


  • Are materials stored properly?

  • Is trash being centered piled and collected routinely throughout work day?

  • Has construction dumpster been designated and located for the project?

  • Is the dumpster appropriately sized and properly managed for pick ups?

  • Are the walking and working surfaces clear, clean, trip hazards eliminated?


  • Are hard hats, safety glasses, cut resistant gloves, vests (as required), and steel or composite toe footwear being worn by craft and management?

  • Is the work being performed exceeding 85db? Is proper hearing protection in place?

  • Is there PPE available for visitors?

  • Is there any additional PPE being worn? Has it been identified in the JSA?

  • Are all respiratory users qualified or have signed the "voluntary use" sign off sheet on job site?

Fall Protection

  • Is work being preformed greater than 6ft?

  • Has the Working at Heights Permit been completed?

  • Are flag lines, weighted base and rail, and other relevant fall restraint systems properly utilized?

  • Has the proper PFAS been identified and inspected for the work?

  • Are anchor points engineered?

Fire Safety and Emergency.

  • Are there a proper fire extinguishers available with in 50 feet of work ?

  • Are the sprinkler heads & fire protection systems unobstructed ( sprinkler heads clear by 18'' or greater)?

  • Is the Fire Extinguisher Inspection current?

  • Is there a trained fire watch on duty during Hot Work?

  • Are flammable and combustible materials stored properly? ( SDS at point of use )

  • Are stairwells clear of combustible or flammable materials?

  • Is there a First Aid Kit and eye wash station on job site?

General Safety

  • Are there any outstanding safety violations that have been identified during the audit?

  • Are there any outstanding safety successes that have been identified during the audit?

  • All containers labeled? ( HAZCOM )

  • Is temporary lighting provided as needed?
    (29 CFR 1926.56(a) table D-3)

  • Is equipment guarding in place as per manufacturers instructions?

  • Are tools and equipment inspected and in good condition prior to use?

  • Is there a spill kit on the job site?

Ladders/ Stairs/ Scaffolds.

  • Are Stairs provided where there is a change in elevation >19'' ( EU >0.5m), and secured?

  • Are Stairs greater than 4 risers all equipped with a hand rail?

  • Is scaffolding in use, built by a qualified competent erector, built correctly, secured, tagged correctly and inspected daily? ( check mudsills or locked wheels)

  • Does the scaffolding have safe access and egress for workers?

  • Are Holes/penetrations protected with secured covers labeled "HOLE" or barricaded?

  • Is the scaffolding protected for use by unauthorized persons, is there a swing gate which can be locked when no one is working?

  • Are ladders being used safely? No one working above the 2 rung? Tied off when required? Etc...

  • Are Ladders in good condition? Labels, rings, feet...

  • Are Ladders being stored correctly?

  • Are Ladders in being used as intended?

  • Are Extension Ladders being used safely with proper pitch, ladder secured and a 36 inch overhang?

  • Are platforms protected by handrail, midrail and toe board?

Welding/ Cutting / Brazing

  • Has the hot work permit been reviewed and completed?

  • Have all combustibles been removed 35ft or covered? ( flammables removed)

  • Is torch cutting being performed with proper PPE and area prepped?

  • Are compressed gas cylinders secured and capped when not in use?

  • Are Torches, hoses, gauges / regulators in good conditions and equipped with flash back preventers?

Crane Lifting / Rigging.

  • Has the lift plan and permit been completed and reviewed with all affected personnel?

  • Are there trained signal men in "line of sight" of operator or other means of communication with operator?

  • Has the qualified rigger inspected all lifting equipment prior to use?

  • Has the crane been properly barricaded?

  • Have all the areas within the swing radius been notified, with proper signage , barricaded with danger tape and evacuated?

  • Are tag lines being used to control the load?

  • Has the crane inspections been completed and documented?

Excavation/ Confined Space.

  • Verify One Call ticket.

  • Utility mark out is clear and being refreshed by the excavation contractor?

  • Is the excavation lay out in White?

  • Has the excavation permit been reviewed and completed?

  • Has utility location taken place? 8 feet outside the permiter of the excavation?
    Verify report

  • Are the trenches/ excavations sloped properly or shored and barricaded?

  • Is trench/ excavation greater than 4ft?

  • Is body harness being worn?

  • Are there proper egress in place, ladders no more than 25ft apart?

  • Is this a HAZWOPER site and if yes is training verified?

  • Has a weather event occurred since initial evaluation from a competent person?

  • Is confined space permit required and has the been permit been reviewed and completed?

  • Has the confined space attendant properly maintained the access log?

  • On site rescue team?

  • Are the Confined space personnel properly trained?

  • Verify Confined Space training?

  • Atmospheric testing at 3 levels?
    Example: Top Middle Bottom

Motorized Equipment. ( [PIT's, lifts)

  • Is there motorized Equipment being use?

  • Has the proper inspection been performed and documented?

  • Do the operators have the proper training for the equipment being used?

  • Are seat belts used by all operators?

  • Do the motorized vehicles have proper back up alarm?

  • Is the chain or gate closed on Scissor Lift?

  • Are flaggers in place where needed?

  • Is Scissor Lift being used safely? Feet on surface not using mid rail or toe board to stand on not leaning outside lift?

  • For boom Lift is PPE correct?

  • Is the rollover protection in place and maintained?

  • Has field modification been made without manufacturers written approval?

Electrical Safety.

  • Is there a energized electrical permit in place?

  • Has the energized permit been reviewed and completed?

  • Are all electrical tools and cords free of chemicals, flammables and water?

  • Are extension/power cords creating a trip hazard?

  • Are cords in good condition, no cuts or repairs w/ tape?

  • Is the Proper Lockout/Tagout in place where needed?

  • Is there a 3ft clear distance around electrical panel?

  • Are GFCI's being used and closest to the power source?

  • Are the required permits completed and posted?


  • Have all proper barricades been put in place to minimize cross contamination?

  • Are the Concrete truck washout procedures being followed?

  • Is the waste handling and disposal of hazardous waste being executed properly?

  • Is secondary containment in place where needed?

  • Is Threading Machine catch box in place?

  • Are Storm sewers protected?

  • Are chemicals at the job site being stored safely and are they labeled correctly?

  • Is there proper ventilation in place for stored chemicals?

  • Are the SDS provided at job site? ( point of use )

  • Are personnel trained in the chemicals they are handling?

Corrective actions and supplemental comments.


  • PM or CM

  • Auditor.

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