• IDV

  • Recorded call statement

  • Permission to speak on behalf of spouse / partner

1. Introduction and Access

  • 1.1. Was it easy and straightforward for the customer to speak to the right person<br><br>How / why did you arrange to see CAM?

  • 1.2. The customer did not feel obliged or pressured to make an appt<br><br>Were you happy to have a meeting?<br><br>What were you expecting from this meeting?<br><br>If Vulnerable, did CAM give you the option of attending the meeting with a 3rd party?<br>

  • 1.3. The customer was clear on who they were being referred to and the reason why<br><br>We're you clear on whom you were being referred to and why?

  • 1.4. The customer was clear about what was required from them<br><br>We're you asked to bring anything to the meeting or to have any documentation available for your discussion?<br><br>If joint account were all parties encouraged to attend?<br><br>Did they attend?

  • 1.5. The customer was clear about timescales and happy that they were reasonable<br><br>Were you able to arrange an appointment at a time that was convenient for you?

2. Information Gathering

  • 2.1. Information was captured in sufficient detail and replayed accurately to the customer<br><br>Did you and CAM agree at outset what the purpose of the meeting was?<br><br>Were you clear that CAM could not provide you with advice about NW products?<br><br>Do you feel that CAM provided you with advice during the meeting?<br><br>IF EXISTING NW: did CAM know you were an existing NW customer? We're you asked for any information you had supplied previously to NW?<br><br>We're you looking for any specific benefits from a current account?<br><br>IF YES AND CUSTOMER DOES NOT ELABORATE:<br>Which benefits were you particularly interested in?<br>Worldwide travel insurance?<br>Mobile phone cover?<br>Breakdown cover?<br>Extended warranty?<br>ID theft and card assistance?<br>Credit interest?<br>Free ATM withdrawals abroad?<br><br>IF NO SPECIFIC FEATURES SOUGHT:<br>What persuaded you to open a Flex Plus Account?<br>We're you made aware of other current accounts (or savings) or options available?<br><br>IF MOVING FROM OTHER PROVIDER WITH SIMILAR ACCOUNT<br>Did CAM explain that you should review and compare the levels of cover before deciding which account best suits your needs?<br><br>Did CAM discuss whether you already had insurance cover for any of the following benefits?<br>Worldwide travel insurance<br>Mobile phone insurance<br>Breakdown cover<br>Extended warranty<br>IF YES. Do you have existing insurance that should be reviewed so as not to be insured twice<br>IF NO. Did the CAM explain that you should review existing cover to ensure not covered twice<br><br><br><br><br><br>

  • 2.2. The customer understood what was being asked and why<br><br>WORLDWIDE TRAVEL INSURANCE<br>if existing FLEX ACCOUNT customer eligible for free travel cover and has upgraded to get worldwide, family or winter sports cover:<br>Were you aware you could upgrade your existing Flex Account cover for a small fee?<br><br>Can I confirm you require travel cover for:<br>You<br>You and partner<br>You and family<br><br>If family cover ask if the customer if CAM made them aware that dependent children are not covered unless travelling with account holder or on a school or recognised association trip.<br><br>Are you aware that upon reaching age 75 and additional premium of £50 is payable to maintain cover under this travel insurance policy?<br><br>Are you aware that this policy will not cover you for any claims relating to medical conditions suffered by you, your immediate family or travel companion unless declared and accepted by us?<br><br>If the customer is over 75 and / or has any pre existing medical conditions have they contacted the insurer to ensure they are covered by the policy?<br><br>Are you aware that you are not covered for any trips longer than 31 days?<br><br>Are you aware that trips must start and end in the UK and that trips in the UK must be more than 25 miles from your home and be at least 2 nights in duration?<br><br>Can you recall the excess payable for all claims under this policy? Were you aware there is an excess to pay?<br><br><br>MOBILE PHONE INSURANCE<br><br>Do you and or your partner have a mobile phone?<br><br>Are you aware that any loss or theft must be reported to the police and your network provider within 24 hours?<br><br>Are you aware of the excess payable?<br>(Loss or theft, £100 apple, other £50. Damage / breakdown. Apple £50, other £25)<br><br>Are you aware of how many times you can claim for a mobile phone within a 12 month period?<br>(Maximum of two claims per account)<br><br><br>BREAKDOWN COVER<br><br>Do you recall which vehicles this policy covers you for?<br>(Private cars registered to the account holder(s) and any car they are in at the time of breakdown)<br><br>And did CAM make you aware that this policy only covers vehicles with a valid MOT that have been serviced and maintained in line with manufacturer guidelines?<br><br>Are you aware that this policy does not cover vans, motorcycles, motor homes, commercial vehicles and any vehicle being used for hire and reward such as taxis?<br><br>Did CAM make you aware that this policy will not cover the cost of replacement parts and associated labour to repair the vehicle following a breakdown?<br><br><br>EXTENDED WARRANTY<br><br>Did CAM provide you with a list of appliances that would be covered by this policy?<br><br>Are you aware that you will not be covered for any appliances purchased more than 12 months before you opened the account?<br><br>Did CAM make you are of the cover limits?<br>(Items purchased new for less than £50 or over £2000 are not covered and a total claim limit of £10000 applies every 12 months)<br><br><br>CREDIT INTEREST<br><br>If the customer opened the account due to credit interest:<br>Are you aware of the maximum balance upon credit interest will be paid?<br>(Only prompt the customer with the limits if they do not know / state they were not told)

3. Customer Decision To Proceed (non advised sales)

  • 3.1a. The customer was able to make an informed decision<br><br>Do you feel you were given enough information during the meeting to allow you to decide whether the account was right for you?<br><br>Were you happy to go ahead with the contract?<br><br>If the customer implies that they on,y purchased the account for one of the benefits (travel cover eg):<br>You mentioned earlier that you were only interested in X benefit, and do not intend to use / already have cover for most of the other benefits provided within the account. What made your decide to open the Flexplus Account.<br><br>Did you consider any other options to meet your insurance / savings / other needs?<br><br>How do you feel the Flexplus account meets your needs?<br>

4. Communication

  • 4.1. The customer specific documentation accurately reflected what was discussed during the meeting<br><br>Was the documentation you received from us clear?<br><br>Did you read it?<br><br>Did you understand it?<br>

  • See 4.1

  • 4.3. All information was clearly explained to the customer in the context of their own circumstances<br><br>See 4.1

  • 4.4. Relevant disclosures were made and the customer understood them<br><br>Are you aware of how much this account costs each month?<br>(Don't prompt the customer unless absolutely necessary)<br><br>Are you aware of your right to cancel?

  • 4.5. Information provided enabled the customer to have a clear understanding about how the products they've purchased works<br><br>See 4.2<br>Has the customer shown a level of understanding?

  • 4.6. Information provided enabled the customer to have a clear understanding about any limitations of the product<br><br>See 4.2

  • 4.7. Information provided enabled the customer to have a clear understanding about how the product will perform in the future <br><br>We're you comfortable making a decision to proceed at this meeting?<br><br>Was the service as you expected?

5. Timeliness

  • 5.1. All communications including relevant disclosures were provided in a timely way<br><br>Did you feel that CAM and NW kept you informed and up to date?<br><br>Did you have any questions or issues during this time and if so were they addressed quickly?

  • 5.2. Matters were concluded in a timely manner<br><br>See 5.1

  • 5.3. Unavoidable delayed were explained

  • 5.4. Where an unfair delay has occurred and the customer has suffered a loss, they have been subject to fair remediation

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