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  • Work cell
  • Date

  • Auditor


  • Is the shift communication between team leader and employees done daily?

  • Is the shift communication between Team Leaders done daily?

  • Is weekly communication between department manager and employees done as per the agenda?


  • Is the area properly lit?

  • Are all team members wearing proper PPE as per SWI?

  • Are the daily safety audits complete and non-conformances addressed?


  • Is the 5S station fully equipped(broom, dust pan, etc.), clean and easily accessible?


  • Are employee sign in sheets completed by each shift at start of shift?


  • Is the workcell binder present with all documents as per index?

  • Are the poke yokes operational?

  • Is one piece flow in use?


  • Are rabbit tests being performed daily? Are poke yoke verifications being performed daily?

  • Are all employees signed into their work stations with their employee ID?

  • Are the visual inspection points well lit?

  • Are operators following MOD's as per instructions?

  • Is the approved containers used for the products?

  • Are labels produced on demand?

  • Is mutilation protection being worn? Are inspectors inspecting for handling damage?

  • Are the containers properly labelled?

  • Verify correct lower is assembled (dual vs. single)

  • Verify step pad engagement (GMT172/177 rear)

  • Verify lower brackets are installed correctly


  • Are the LPA non-conformances noted on the LPA non-conformance log and containment log?

  • Are the LPA's being completed by the previous layer(s)?


  • Is the workcell meeting its throughput plan?

  • Are the quality and safety triangles updated?

  • Are throughput issues captured in the issues and actions list with completion dates?

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