RISK FACTORS: BUSES, PARKING & STUDENT DROP OFF (observe 20 minutes before first bell)

Bus and vehicle traffic in the area of student drop off is managed, monitored, and orderly?

Loading and drop off zones are clearly marked and identified.

Neighborhood and bordering areas to campus are free of risk factor indicators? (ie...graffiti, wooded areas)

Parking decals or identification authorizing parking on school property is required?

One main entrance and exit into parking lot.

Someone is assigned to check for unregistered vehicles in parking areas.


There are adequate signs and directions indicating location of main office at every entrance?

Did front office personnel ask inspectors to sign in and check visitor ID's?

All visitors are required to sign in and out on a visitor log?

Visitor sign-in logs are verified by staff or completed by staff at sign in?

Campus has and utilizes a Raptor System.

ENTRANCE CONFERENCE (Meet with Principal or designee and other key campus members)

Campus members present for entrance conference?

Do you have a pressing safety need in your school?

What school safety activities does your school do best?

What do you believe are the biggest barriers to improving school safety measures?

Does the campus have a designated person to conduct any regular safety inspections or training internally?

Campus has an Emergency Operations Plan?

Campus has an Evacuation Plan & Procedure?

There is a written visitor policy and procedure?

Campus has documentation of drills?

There is a detailed floor plan for the entire campus?

There is an aerial photograph of campus?


All external doors are locked and not accessible from outside

Fence and gates are all in good standing and secured.

All walkways and steps are in good order and free of any trip hazards.

Athletic Fields appear to be safe and free of safety hazards

All equipment in Playground and Recreation areas is safe and in good repair.

Warning barriers/barricades are in place around any campus construction work sites.


Each room has an updated evacuation plan posted by the doorway.

Each room has an updated Emergency Operations Guide?

Personal belongings are stored away and not accessible to students.

Classrooms are free of any chemicals and appliances to include refrigerators or microwaves

Rooms not in use are locked and not accessible to children.

All bookshelves are anchored to wall.

Any ceiling decorations are hung with fishing line.


Restroom facilities are well stocked and maintained.

Proper lifts and changing table is present in each room.

All electrical wiring for major appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerators) are free of exposed wires or electrical hazards.

Classrooms have access to hot water?

All storage areas areas are organized and free of clutter.


All chemicals are properly labeled and organized.

All chemical inventories are regularly reviewed and any old chemicals are given proper disposition.

Storage cabinets are available and in use.

Eye and glove protection is available and appropriately used.

Safety warning signs up in all labs.

Are showers and eye wash stations available and in good working order


Equipment safe and in good repair

Ansul fire suppression system inspection current.

Pantry storage room is orderly and free from items on the ground or too close to ceiling. (18" from sprinkled ceilings and 24" from non-sprinkled ceilings)

Refrigeration temperature logs are completed daily and accessible.

All refrigeration and freezer units are organized and clean.

Kitchen facility is free of any rodent or insect infestation.

All chemicals are properly stored and labeled and MSDS sheets are available


Gymnasium is free from safety hazards.

Fire extinguishers are available throughout campus and inspections are up to date.

Alarm pull stations are accessible and in good condition.

Lighting is adequate and facility has minimal burned out bulbs.

Campus has a minimum of one AED Defibrillator on campus and can produce documentation of staff training on its use.

Custodial closets are orderly and chemicals are stored appropriately with SDS records available.

Lighted exit signs are in appropriate areas and working

Electrical wiring, chords, wall plates are in good working condition.

Personal, Protective Equipment & Safety Equipment observed and in use.

Mechanical rooms are all locked, secured and inaccessible without keys.

Mechanical Rooms are organized and clutter free - not blocking breaker panels or access doors (recommended 4ft clearance)

Restroom facilities are clean and in good working order.

All exits, hallways and doorways are kept clear and free from obstructions.


Hot & Cold water available.

Bed or Cot is available.

First Aid supplies are locked and secured when not in use.

Licensed Nurse or trained person gives first aid treatment.

Medical emergency plan established and numbers posted.

Records of monthly AED inspections.


Adequate ventilation? Oil and/or Gas

Proper storage and inventory control of any chemicals?

Chemical SDS sheets are up to date and readily available?

Equipment guards in place?

Eye protection available and safety warning signs posted?

Flame proof cabinets are available and used when appropriate?

Lockout Tag Out procedures are being practiced and trained?

Adequate number and current extinguishers available in work areas?

Department Office Areas

Personal belongings and valuables are kept secure to the degree possible?

Excess electrical wiring kept from being strung across traffic areas as possible trip hazard?

No overload use of electric surge protectors?

Limited or minimal use of electric appliances (coffee pots, microwaves, refrigerators)?

Closets and storage areas are clean and organized?

There is limited and controlled access by public to office areas?

Printed evacuation plans are posted and current?

Customer lobbies and receiving areas are free of hazards and access to intelligent data?


Exterior of vehicles are generally clean?

Safety inspections and licensing are current?

Designated parking area for vehicles is easy to maneuver and park?

Vehicles receive pre service checks before leaving yard?

Department has specific accident reporting form and instructions for completion?


Specialty areas

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Critical Issues & Concerns


Summary Comments

Auditor Completing Report
Campus Leadership Member
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.