1. External Site Layout/Chapter 8

  • 1.1 Site adequately segregated from the public?

  • 1.2 Permit board displayed with relevant information?

  • 1.3 Traffic Management compliant with COP?

  • 1.4 Adequate safety signage displayed?

  • 1.5 Pedestrian route adequate and well signed?

  • 1.7 Safety barriers and fences in good condition, secured correctly with no gaps?

  • 1.6 Suitable ramps and disabled access provided on footways and change of levels?

  • 1.8 Branding compliant with contract and in good condition?

  • 1.9 Does the site create a good and safe impression?

2. Site Personnel

  • 2.1 Did responsible person contact a site induction?

  • 2.2 Scope of works detailed during induction, if so please note.

  • 2.3 Has scope of works changed, if so are correct job packs available on site?

  • 2.4 Were site hazards and risks explained during induction?

  • 2.5 Were site roles of individuals clear when questioned?

  • 2.6 If other contractors on was the co-ordination explained and interface risks detailed?

  • 2.7 Correct PPE worn by all.

3. Competence

  • 3.1 Ganger suitably qualified and competent?

  • 3.2 Plant operatives suitably qualified and competent?

  • 3.3 Top man suitably qualified and competent?

  • 3.4 NRSWA qualified operative on site?

  • 3.5 Sufficient, qualified and competent confined space operatives for task?

  • 3.6 Sufficient, qualified and competent emergency rescue operatives for task?

  • 3.7 Sufficient, qualified and competent operatives available for works to be undertaken?

  • 3.8 Do all on site fully understand their Roles and Responsibilities

4. Gang pack

  • 4.1 Gang Pack reviewed and signed off by competent supervisor/manager before works commenced?

  • 4.2 Method statement briefed to all on site?

  • 4.3 Relevant risk assessments completed and communicated to all on site?

  • 4.4 All utility Stats information and maps available in gang pack?

  • 4.5 Daily excavation checklist completed?

  • 4.6 Lifting operations checklist completed?

  • 4.7 Plant and Equipment checklist completed?

  • 4.8 Permit to dig completed and communicated?

  • 4.9 Hand, Arm vibration exposure recorded?

  • 4.10 Workplace inspection report completed?

  • 4.11 Toolbox talks and safety alerts communicated (evidence)?

  • 4.12 Site log in and visitors register completed and up to date?

5. Plant and Equipment

  • 5.1 Adequate gas monitors, in date, correctly positioned (note serial No and dates)?

  • 5.2 CAT & Genny available and in date?

  • 5.3 Excavator Thorough inspection certificate in date? (log serial No and date)

  • 5.4 Lifting accessories certified and in date?

  • 5.5 Weekly PUWER inspections completed and recorded?

  • 5.6 Compressor in good condition (jockey wheel)?

  • 5.7 Compressor tow board and number plate in good condition?

  • 5.8 Suitable and sufficient containers for fuel and water?

  • 5.9 Suitable and sufficient rescue equipment for works?

  • 5.10 Disc cutter with correct guarding?

  • 5.11 Compacting plate stored correctly?

  • 5.12 Site vehicle in a clean and tidy condition?

  • 5.13 Vehicle beacons in working order?

6. Welfare

  • 6.1 First aid box available?

  • 6.2 First aider available on site at all times?

  • 6.3 Locations of local A&E department available on site?

  • 6.4 Eye wash available on site?

  • 6.5 Fresh water available on site?

  • 6.6 Welfare facilities suitable and sufficient for duration and type of works?

7. Working Area

  • 7.1 Correct EX rated lighting for heading works?

  • 7.2 Suitable and sufficient measures for dealing with ground water ingress?

  • 7.3 Safe access for shaft and heading?

  • 7.4 Suitable and sufficient fall protection in place?

  • 7.5 Ladder angle suitable?

  • 7.6 All services adequately supported?

8. Environmental

  • 8.1 Spill kit available on site?

  • 8.2 Drip trays available and in use?

  • 8.3 Suitable and sufficient fire extinguishers available and in date?

  • Additional Comments

Audit Close

  • List any corrective actions resolved during audit

  • Name of Auditor

  • Name of Supervisor/ Ganger

  • Is further action required

  • Detail action(s) required.

  • Yes
  • Detail action (s) required to close out report.

  • All actions closed out.

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