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  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Inspection Detail

  • NOTE: All fields must be checked “YES” or “NO”. If a question does not apply, mark N/A in column. If “NO”, provide details in comments section at bottom of form.Activities Undertaken

  • Activities Undertaken

  • Please insert Site Photos

  • Permit to Work


  • Have staff completed site specific SWMS/JSA?

  • Have all persons on site signed onto SWMS/JSA?

  • Were you asked to sign onto the SWMS/JSA before entering site?

  • Are staff aware of any restrictions or OHSE requirements specific to this site?

  • Are safe work procedures available for all items of plant and equipment?

  • Have all hazards associated with the task or project been identified and controlled as far as reasonably practicable?

  • Has all staff been briefed on known hazards and controls which may impact on their work?

  • Hazard reporting system in use?

  • Any incidents or injuries reported to Shire OHS?


  • Competencies are current and available for all staff?

  • High Risk License current for all High Risk activities?

  • Note Licence numbers and expiry dates

  • Please insert Photos of Competency Tickets


  • Have PPE requirements been identified, and suitable PPE provided for workers?

  • Is PPE in good condition and being worn by all staff?

  • PPE in date eg Hard hats < 3yrs, Harness, lifting slings

  • High visibility clothing appropriate for conditions used and worn correctly?

  • Have Manual Handling tasks been identified and controlled?

  • Has Working at Heights been identified and controlled?

  • Safe Operating Procedures on site?

  • Site amenities available? Eg toilets, potable water

  • Adequate first aid kits available and in date?

  • Qualified first aider on site?


  • Please Insert photos of plant items

  • Daily plant/equipment checklist available and completed?

  • Certified operators as required?

  • Is evidence provided of testing and tagging of electrical equipment?

  • All Plant and Equipment in date for testing, calibration, maintenance schedules?

  • Identified Faults signed off as completed?

  • Flashing lights/reversing cameras/proximity warning devices/reversing alarms operational

  • Communications in place for reversing vehicles?

  • Overhead powerlines in vicinity identified? Is qualified spotter available and being used?

  • Lifting Equipment tested and in date?

  • Fire extinguisher on site, inspected and in date?


  • Have all Underground assets been located?

  • Copy of indate Dial Before You Dig plans available onsite?

  • Any > 1.5 m adequately supported

  • Any < 1.5 m adequately protected

  • < 1.5 support/stepping if unstable soil

  • Drains protected from potential run off

  • Public safety issues adequately controlled

  • Spoil away from excavations >1.5


  • Are provisions made for site security during and after work hours?

  • Have adequate provisions been made for the movement of plant and vehicles on and to and from the site?

  • Has staff been briefed regarding emergency response procedures for site?

  • Has Traffic Management Plan been selected or provided?

  • Is plan available for inspection?

  • Is the plan relevant to the work?

  • Approved MOA available?

  • Are traffic controllers trained and current?

  • Are documented changes (if any) to the traffic management plan available for inspection?

  • Are all signs and devices installed according to the TMP?

  • Are all signs and devices free from damage and defect? Easy to read?

  • Are clearance between worker, pedestrians and traffic being maintained?

  • Are pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair access being catered for on site?

  • Are pedestrians being asked to cross roads in safe locations?


  • Are current MSDSs available and provided for all substances?

  • All containers correctly labelled and appropriate?

  • Appropriate spill and other emergency response available?


  • Sediment and Erosion control required/considered?

  • Recycling, Waste Management considerations in place?

  • Noise and Dust Managed/Considered?

  • Actions Taken

  • Inspectors Signature

  • Site Supervisor Signature

  • Crew Signatures

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