1.0 - Previous inspection

  • 1.1 - Has the last inspection been reviewed?

  • 1.2 - have all previous action item been addressed?

3.0 - General Lighting

  • 3.1 - Light fittings clean and in good condition?

  • 3.2 - Is lighting adequate?

  • 3.3 - Emergency exit lighting operable?

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4.0 - Building Safety

  • 4.1 Are the floors in the area level and free of trip hazards and/or holes

  • 4.2 - Entry and walkways kept clear?

  • 4.3 - Walkways adequately and clearly marked?

  • 4.4 Are stairs in the area free of clutter and in safe condition?

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7.0 - Work Area - General

  • 7.1 - Are the floors around the machines kept clean?

  • 7.2 Have unused skids been returned to proper storage area?

  • 7.3 - Have unused 4x4's been returned to the proper storage area?

  • 7.4 - Have air and electrical reels been added to the area and are they being used?

  • 7.5 - Waste/off cuts removed and stored safely?

  • 7.6 - Has adequate tooling storage been supplied for the area and is it being used?

  • 7.7 - Has adequate material handler storage been supplied and is it being used?

  • 7.8 - Has all garbage been removed from the work area?

  • 7.9 - Has used oil dry been picked up and placed in the correct refuse bin?

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8.0 - Machines

  • 8.1 - Are they kept clean?

  • 8.2 - Have machines recently been painted?

  • 8.4 - Guards in good condition?

  • 8.5 - Is machine free of oil/fluid leaks?

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