4.01 Working Environment - Laboratories

  • 4.01.01 Laboratories and associated equipment display an acceptable level of hygiene and housekeeping?

  • 4.01.02 Laboratories have self closing well sealed doors?

  • 4.01.03 Laboratories performing microbiological analysis do not have doors that open directly onto a food production area and are ventilated through a 0.5ยต filter or laminar flow hood

  • 4.01.04 Lab cupboards and draws are well ordered and clean. All reagents and media are within shelf life?

  • 4.01.04 Potential Major

  • 4.01.05 Laboratories have stain resistant non-porous work surfaces and acid and base resistant sinks?

  • 4.01.06 Laboratories a supply of hot and cold running potable water?

  • 4.01.07 Laboratories have fume hoods vented outside and away from air inlets and in accordance with local regulations?

  • 4.01.08 Laboratories provide separate and secure storage facilities for hazardous chemicals and materials?

  • 4.01.08 Potential Major

  • 4.01.09 Laboratory floor to wall joints are sealed and coved to facilitate cleaning and prevent build up of contamination sources?

  • 4.01.10 Laboratory ceilings, overhead fixtures, walls, windows, floor and doors are undamaged, complete and clean with no evidence of contamination or cross contamination?

    - For example no evidence of dirt, debris, litter, broken glass, animal activity (e.g. spiders webs, nesting, faeces), spillage, corrosion, biological, microbiological or chemical contamination

  • 4.01.11 Laboratory analysis, weighing and measuring equipment and utensils are clean and undamaged?

    - Examine a sample of utensils and analysis, weighing and measuring equipment within each laboratory

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