• Jiffy Driver:

  • Company:

  • Horn being used at corners, oncoming traffic and blind spots?

  • Operator and pedestrians following 3 metre rule?

  • Required PPE is being worn?

  • Machine is clean and free of rubbish?

  • Driver has their fork hoist license present or valid competency to operate machine?

  • Dates on Competency card are all valid?

  • Is the machine free of any noticeable faults?

  • Correct manual handling techniques being followed?

  • Reworker:

  • Company:

  • Correct manual handling techniques being followed?

  • Are bins free of any glass mixed with PET bottles/cans in repack bins?

  • PPE worn to operate glue guns?

  • Repack equipment free of any noticeable faults?


  • Is area free of any unnecessary parked MHE?

  • Are pallets in front of rails free of any double stacking?

  • Is the area in front of the returns railing free of any 10 stacked high pallets?

  • Is the Safety management documentation up to date?

  • Cardboard and plastic wrap placed in their allocated bins?

  • Fire safety equipment clear of obstruction?

  • Empty Pallets stacked safely in designated areas?

  • Emergency exits are clear of obstructions?

  • Area is clear of rubbish?

  • Spills are isolated?

  • Correct Safety signage is in place?


  • Name:

  • Company:

  • What should you do when the evacuation alarm sounds while you are working?

  • What items are you allowed to stop and grab before proceeding to assembly point?

  • What is the minimum distant required between moving MHE and pedestrians.

  • What should you do if you see water, oil or liquid on the floor?

  • How many fork hoists are allowed to load/unload a vehicle at any one time?

  • What must you carry with you at all times when you are using the MHE equipment.

  • What should you do if you see something being done that is unsafe?

  • Where are the first aid kits located in the AKL DC?

  • Name a First Aider in your department?

  • Name a Fire Warden in your department

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