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1 Responsibility and Resources

1 Responsibility and Resources

  • 1.1 Is a management representative for quality appointed?

  • 1.2 Does the management representative for quality clearly know his/her responsibility and authority? Is he competent to perform the work?

  • 1.3 Are responsibilities of all the personnel involved in quality activities defined?

  • 1.4 Is an “Organizational Chart” made?

  • 1.5 Is an “Element and Responsibility Form” made?

  • 1.6 Is the document made, for keeping and using 3C mark?

  • 1.7 Is the personnel, whose work affecting the product quality, qualified? Is the competence of the above personnel evaluated

  • 1.8 Has the personnel whose work affecting the product quality, received necessary training? Is effectiveness of the training evaluated and appropriate records kept.

2. Documents and Records

2. Documents and Records

  • 2.1 Are quality system documents integral, e.g. quality manual, procedure paper, operation instructions and so on?

  • 2.2 Is quality plan or relevant documents made for the new production? Is it integral? Dose it contain the standard or specification, which is more strict than national product standards or specification?

  • 2.3 Is the document made, that is used to identifying and controlling key raw materials?

  • 2.4 Is a list of controlled documents made? Is the changes and current revision status of the documents marked?

  • 2.5 Are the documents to control documents and data made? Is it appropriate?

  • 2.6 Are the documents prior to issue and change approved by the authorized personnel?

  • 2.7 Are relevant valid versions of applicable documents available at all appropriate workstations?

  • 2.8 Is procedure document to control quality records made?

  • 2.9 Are quality records numbered, stored, protected and disposed according to procedure document?

  • 2.10 Are quality records legible and integral??

  • 2.11 Are records retention times appropriately specified?

3. Purchasing and receiving of key raw materials

3. Purchasing And Receiving Of Key Raw Materials

  • 3.1 Are key raw materials identified effectively? Is the documented procedure established to control the purchasing of major raw materials?

  • 3.2 Are there initial and periodic records of evaluating raw materials supplier?

  • 3.3 Is the list of the approved supplier made?

  • 3.4 Are the archives of raw materials supplier established? The archives may contain the status of supplier, records of evaluation, test reports of supplied product, technical support and so on

  • 3.5 Shall manufacturer declare to the certification body and get approval before implementing, when the types and resources of the major raw materials change,

  • 3.6 Are the raw materials tested according to the specified method? e.g. the test report of Zirconite.

  • 3.7 Are definite requirements for supplier specified, when the testing is finished by supplier?

  • 3.8 Are relevant records retained? Including supplier provide evidence of conformity or relevant data and so on

  • 3.9 whether is the key raw materials stored well?

4. Proportion alteration of key raw materials

4. Proportion Alteration Of Key Raw Materials

  • 4.1 Is the procedure established, controlling the proportion and alteration of key raw materials?

  • 4.2 Is the maximum of each kind of major raw materials contained in the certified products specified?

  • 4.3 How ensure that the alteration don’t affect the radioactivity level of certified products?

  • 4.4 Is the increase of maximum of major raw materials, when compared to that of the certified products (might increases the radioactivity level), declared to the certification body and get approval before implementing?

5. Test of radioactivity level

5. Test Of Radioactivity Level

  • 5.1 Is the procedure document for testing the radioactivity level established? Is its content suitable? It should include test method, performed occasion, test frequency, sampling rule, and judge standard and so on?

  • 5.2 Was the testing for radioactivity level performed well as the requirement of procedure and relevant records well kept? 0.40

  • 5.3 How keep the conformability of radioactivity level for all of products?

6. Verification for final products

6. Verification For Final Products

  • 6.1 Are the procedure confirming the radioactivity level on final products established? 0.20

  • 6.2 Are the radioactivity level of certified products, product series names on the package or tag, CCC MARK and relative signs complied with certificate information and relevant requirements? 0.20

  • 6.3 Are the relevant records kept, of confirming the radioactivity level? 0.10

7. Control of non-conforming product

7. Control Of Non-Conforming Product

  • 7.1 Is the controlling procedure for nonconforming product on radioactivity level established? Including marking, separating, and dealing with for the non- conforming products?

  • 7.2 Are the necessary corrective and preventive actions taken to avoid non-conforming products? Are the related records kept? 0.10

  • 7.3 Has it performed, marking, separating, and dealing with for the nonconforming products, as the requirement of procedure and were records well kept? Is CCC-mark applied to non-confirming products which have been confirmed?

8. Internal audit

8. Internal Audit

  • 8.1 Is the internal quality audit procedure established and documented? Including the frequency, conferee, detailed steps and records of the internal quality audit?

  • 8.2 Are the records of complaints, especially to a product quality, kept and as one of the input of internal quality audit? 0.20

  • 8.3 Are all relevant departments and elements and the conform -ability of the certified product audited, according to the procedure documents? Are the audit records kept? Including internal quality audit plan, inspection form, nonconformity report, audit report , etc.?

  • 8.4 Is the corrective and preventive action taken to non-conformities? Are the records maintained?

9. Product mark

9. Product Mark

  • 9.1 Whether is the CCC mark applied as the request of the rule and the radioactivity level class indicated under the CCC marks? For porcelain tiles with B class of radioactivity level, is the un-used site clearly marked with words?

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