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Previous Inspections

  • Outstanding issues have been action-end?

  • Has the last inspection been reviewed?

Playground Area / Boundary

  • Hygiene - Is the area free from broken glass, dog or human excreta, condoms & syringes? (especially Mulch/ Soft fall zone) ?

  • Are surrounding trees healthy and free from dead wood/disease and low branches?

  • Is the area free from fallen tree limbs on the ground?

  • Is the park furniture in good condition, sturdy and free from damage/vandalism and graffiti?

  • Are sprinklers free from damage and appear in good working order?

  • Is the fence/boundary and gate appropriate and free from damage?

  • Is the playground area free from water pooling and lying in areas for excessive periods?

Playground Equipment

  • Are posts and foundations firm?

  • Are nuts, bolts, screws, clamps and other fittings securely fastened and "S" hooks closed? ( max 3 mm gap )

  • Is the play equipment free from protruding nuts, bolts and nails? ( max 3 mm protruding )

  • Are cables and seats free from protrusions/vandalism or exposed metal wiring?

  • Is the play equipment free from splintering wood, or fibreglass (especially sliding surfaces)?

  • Are steps and ladders and other means of access to/on play equipment safe and free from damage?

  • Are handrails sturdy and compliant?

  • Is the play equipment safe, serviceable and free from missing or damaged components?

  • Are cables and other ropework free from knotting, splicing and exposed wires?

  • Are chain covers the correct length in good condition and free from rust beneath?

  • Are sliding surfaces clean/undamaged and free from burning, cracking or protrusions?

  • Are all structures and exit points clear of obstructions (tunnels etc)?

  • Is the area free from acts of vandalism?

  • Do all moving items move freely on their bearings (swings, rotating equipment)? (ref: sound whilst turning/moving)

  • Have all metal components been checked for wear, cracks in welds/structural integrity and corrosion (including springs)?

  • Is softfall material provided and at correct depth? (Ref: Softfall markers)

  • Is the softfall level minimum 200mm deep for fall heights up to 1.5m?

  • Is softfall level minimum 300mm for fall heights greater than 1.5m?

General Observations / Comments

  • Please take photos of any unsatisfactory play equipment or issues.

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