• Audit Title

  • MUT Operator

  • Operator's Supervisor

  • Conducted on

  • Audit conducted by

  • Location
  • MUT Number

Operator knowledge

Does the operator/driver demonstrate knowledge and/or understanding of the following categories?

Horn Signals

  • When to use horn signals

  • What does a single horn blast indicate

  • Comments:

  • What does two horn blasts indicate

  • Comments:

  • What does three horn blasts indicate

  • Comments:

  • What does a long, continuous blast indicate

  • Comments:


  • Radio communications - knowledge of correct channels, protocols etc.

  • Positive communication with heavy equipment

  • Understanding the reason for positive communication

  • Wait for positive communication before entering a level where a scoop is operating

  • Cap lamp signals


  • Site seatbelt use policy

  • Site PPE policies for vehicles and driving

  • Knows and follows the speed limits

  • Identifies different mobile and fixed strobe lights

Emergency Response

  • What an Operator must do in the event of service brake failure on a ramp

  • What actions should happen if an operator sees or smells smoke in the MUT

  • The response above should include: Activating the fire suppression; parking in a safe location is possible; Understanding of when it's appropriate to fight a fire with a hand held extinguisher; Calling a Code 1; Reporting to a refuge

  • How to manage the fire suppression equipment in the MUT

  • The response above should indicate knowledge of the delay button of the fire suppression unit and evidence that the operator has read the instructions mounted on the dash board

  • What would the operator do in the event of a "Code 1: Go to refuge station" radio or PED message

  • What would the operator do in the event of a "Code 1: Stop Work" radio or PED message

  • What would the operator do in the event of a "Code 1: Return to Surface" radio or PED message

Operator competancies

Operator Competancies

Pre-Operational Check

  • Does the operator conduct a thorough walk around and pre-op inspection?

  • Service brake check conducted?

  • Emergency brake check conducted?

  • Brake checks conducted before entering portal?

Operating Underground

  • Is the operator competent with a manual transmission?

  • Is the operator competent when reversing?

  • Does the operator park fundamentally safe?

  • Is proper following distance maintained at all times?

  • Does the operator drive to road conditions at all times?

  • Does the operator wait for MUT coming up-ramp to stop before passing?

  • Are stop signs and other traffic control signs obeyed?


  • Does the operator remain calm and in control at all times?

General Notes

General Notes

  • General Notes and Comments

  • Areas for Improvement

  • MUT Operator

  • MUT Operator

  • Auditor

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