Is the camera lens focused and adjusted properly?

Has the camera been knocked off?

Is the property perimeter clearly displayed?

Is the camera lens free from dust and marks?

Are the motion detection sensors working?

Do all camera functions such as zoom and pan work correctly?

Is there no foliage obscuring the view?

Are cameras securely attached to the wall?

Wire and Cable

Are wirings free from any wear and tear or exposed wires?

Are there no loose wires?

Is the cable dressed properly?

Is the transmission of sound clear and picture with no distortion?

Are all coaxial connectors insulated from conduit and pull boxes?

Control Equipment

Are the monitors showing clear picture? brightness and contrast settings correctly adjusted?

Are all of your switches and individual equipment fully functioning?

Are all monitors and equipment free from dust and grime?

Are all cables leading from the equipment in good condition? No weak connections?

Is the time and date stamp correctly set?

Are all power connections and AC plugs not loose and in good working condition?


Any other physical defects found?

Take photo (optional)
Focus Area

Recommendation (take note of blind spots)

Inspected by (Full Name and Signature)