• Eye/Face protection - Safety Glasses, faceshield

  • Hard Hats

  • High Vis

  • Safe access, not above 6' without fall protection

  • Proper footwear

  • Cords in good shape, GFCI used?

  • CHA completed and reviewed by all?

  • Equipment inspected? Daily? Monthly? Annual?


  • Miss Dig Contacted? add photos of site markings

  • Conduit Depth and Photos, Quantity installed

  • Isometric sketch of conduit runs to show length, elbows and fittings

  • Photos of conduit trenches showing depth - TR001

  • Photos of overview of conduit runs - TR002

  • Backfill with warning tape and compaction

  • Ground Ring - Depth, Photos, number of welds, qty. of wire and welds

  • Several photos of ground ring showing depth - GI007

  • sketch of overview with amount of whips and length of wire

  • Welds

  • Ground Thawing

  • Final Grading

Site Acces

  • Snow, Brush, Road

  • Fence

  • Photos of access Road - AT011

  • Photos of Compound - AT005

  • Photos of Driveway gate - AT010

  • Photos of new H-frame - AT007

  • Photos of E-911 address - AT012

  • Photos of all site signage - AT006

  • Photos showing Site Cleanliness - CO001

  • Photos of Electrical H-frames - CO003

  • Photos of telco H-frame - CO002

  • photos of Tower - CO004


  • Pavers

  • Feet

  • Frame

  • Grating

  • Grounding


  • Power Plant

  • Rectifiers/Converters running

  • Conduits Qty.

  • Telcoflex, length of sections, qty. of wire, terminations, marking

  • Grounding

  • Batteries

  • Existing BTS

  • Move, Rodent Protection, Grounded, secured, running

  • UMTS

  • Heater, GFCI, DC Power terminations, secured, solar shields, materials used

  • Diplexer cabinet

  • Backer board, grounding, conduit, secured

Electrical Service

  • Power Panel

  • Main Feed

  • Service

  • Meter Socket and disconnect, conduits, wire

  • Power Company, permits

Ice Bridge

  • Existing, remove, modify, move

  • Poles, concrete, caps

  • Horseheads, bridge, connections, grounding, cold galvanizing,

  • photos of Pole to ground ring - GI006

  • Photos of Pipe top Ice bridge grounding - GI005

  • Photos of Flex caulked - GI008

  • Photos of Bridge to Bridge grounding - GI004

  • Photos of full length view of ice bridge - GI003


  • H frames

  • Demo

  • More

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